Belgrade Taverns

Here you will find only selected pubs with the best party in town. Belgrade is famous city with large number of the most famous pubs where is always the best party. At any time, you will know all about the latest news in the most popular pubs which Belgrade has, and there are many. We are here for you, so you don't need to wandering and searching which is the best place for fun, here is our category "Pubs" for help. You will easily get all the necessary information. A large number of old pubs, but also new pubs with modern ambience is what you can visit when you are in Belgrade. All of this pubs in the city you have in one place, on our website.

Konoba Akustik

Cara Dušana 13, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Center

Unfortunately, there are less and less real Serbian pubs with a soul. One must give and love. This restaurant was made just like this... out of love... For all of you who in the sound of acoustic music hear more than just musical notes... listen to music every night in our restaurant konoba akustik... For all of you who don’t... read more

Tavern Konoba Akustik Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 07:00h to 01:00h

Mala maca

Sinđelićeva 3, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Vracar

“Mala Maca” tavern is located in the city center of Belgrade, in the Vračar neighborhood, between the kalenić open marketplace and Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra street, on Niška street. “Mala Maca” prides itself for being an old school tavern, especially on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, when, if you enter “Mala Maca”, it seems like a picture of old belgradian taverns.... read more

Tavern Mala maca Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 09:00h to 01:00h


Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 10, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Center

Tavern Gaučosi the winter variant  Bašte gauchos and is located at Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 10, near Kalemegdan, in the heart of Dorćol. Due to the location of the cafe calm and without residential buildings in the area, is an additional bonus for a long rage and entertaining late into the night. Tavern Gaučosi is exactly what its name says, your... read more

Tavern Gaučosi Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday


Djušina 5, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Palilula

This is a story about love We are amateurs. At least that is ho we started. Amo, amare is the root of the word amateur, and the importance of doing something out of love, in a literal translation to be a fan. In this we were and still are fans of good food and even better service. And that is... read more

Tavern Kafana Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 10:00h to 02:00h

Oblak u pantalonama

Ćirila i Metodija 2, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Zvezdara

work in progress.. read more

Tavern Oblak u pantalonama Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 08:00h to 01:00h


Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 89, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Zvezdara

Tavern Jazbina is located at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 89, while the entrance from the street Luke Vukalovića. The capital's popular cafe there for six years and during that time acquired a huge number of regular guests, and a great reputation. Tavern Jazbina is considered one of the most bohemian places in our capital city, and always delivers excellent and unforgettable... read more

Tavern Jazbina Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 21:00h to 02:00h

Još Ovu Noć

Vojislava Ilića 86, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Vozdovac

More Tavern This Night is on the teller, at Vojislav Ilic 86. The interior as a postcard depicting an old castle, excellent live music, the best Serbian brandy, will remind you of those forgotten by little the spirit of the former Belgrade, when the bar was a symbol all the most important events in the city and the lives of... read more

Tavern Još Ovu Noć Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 24:00h to 24:00h

Limun Zut

Dimitrija Tucovica 88, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Zvezdara

Lemon Yellow Tavern is located near the center of Belgrade close to Vuk's Monument, at Dimitrija Tucovića No. 88 on Zvezdara. Lemon Yellow Tavern is open all week, from nine o'clock in the morning until two hours after midnight. All this time you can use the hospitality of the staff and kitchen every day except Monday evening of great music.... read more

Tavern Limun Zut Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 09:00h to 02:00h

Stara Pesma

Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 12, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Savski Venac

Tavern Stara Pesma is opened at the end of 2012. In very short notice it has become one of leading places for this type of entertainment, most popular type of entertainment in capital. It's located in heart of Belgrade, at No 12 Bulevar Vojvode Mišića Street, between Home Center Eurosalon and entrance ramp at Belgrade fair, at place of former... read more

Tavern Stara Pesma Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 22:00h to 04:00h

Jedno Mesto

Cetinjska 15, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Center

When you wish to feel the true Belgrade tavern experience, you should know that there’s a place in Belgrade called "Jedno mesto". "Jedno mesto" tavern (kafana) is a place where you can experience the true spirit of Serbian taverns. Whether you come alone or with your friends, here there’s always a chance that you come out with a couple of... read more

Tavern Jedno Mesto Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 09:00h to 02:00h


Maksima Gorkog 117, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Vozdovac

Located in the corner of Strumicka and Maxima Gorkog street, our Cafe-restaurant OKO offers you the chance to enjoy a drink or a specialty of our authentic national and intenational cuisine in a pleasant ambiance and relaxed atmosphere. What makes us special is our style that combines complete service with a blend of modern and traditional. With our attractive ambiance adjusted... read more

Tavern Oko Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 08:00h to 24:00h

Stara Kafana

Ustanička 66, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Vozdovac

Some would simply describe kafana as the Serbian equivalent of a tavern or a bistro, but kafana is much more than this: it’s almost a way of life! The word kafana comes from the Turkish word kahvehane which means “coffee place” or „coffee house“. By the mid 20th century the number of kafanas in Belgrade was in fact so increased... read more

Tavern Stara Kafana Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 09:00h to 01:00h

The Black Turtle

Svetogorska 14, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Center

The fifth "Turtle" in our chain of Belgrade pubs. A spacious pub on two levels, located in belgrade's "Street of Open Hearth" across the street from "Atelje 212" theatre. You can play your own music on our Juke Box, except on Friday Nights when you can attend great live gigs. You will be greeted by a domestic feel of a... read more

Tavern The Black Turtle Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 09:00h to 24:00h

Two Tales

Centar, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Center

We are Two Tales and we are the most unique craft beer from a country of experts, a country with 10 million brew masters. read more

Tavern Two Tales Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 12:00h to 24:00h

Ispod Mosta

Crnogorska, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Savski Venac

“Ispod Mosta” is an ethnic and at the same time chic Belgrade tavern where the old traditions live and the young have fun! The unique place has a fascinating interior with a combination of luxury feel and beer casks put together.  The “Ispod Mosta” offers its patrons quality beer, top notch alcohol and tasty, traditional, national serbian cuisine meals with... read more

Tavern Ispod Mosta Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 10:00h to 24:00h


Mileševska 42, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Vracar

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Drinks Takes Reservations and Good For Groups read more

Tavern Gradimir Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 09:00h to 01:00h