Belgrade Emergency Clinics

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We are all aware that, unfortunately, emergencies are happening. For this reason, we wanted to enable you to easily and quickly get all the information you need about on-call ambulances, on-call hospitals and on-call health care facilities in Belgrade. The Belgrade Emergency Room page has been carefully designed to make it easier for you to stay in the capital and allow you to act quickly and effectively in an emergency. All the facilities on the Belgrade Ambulance Service page are open for 24 hours and are here to help.

Clinical Center of Serbia

The Clinical Center of Serbia began operations in 1983. It has since become the leading healthcare institution in all of Serbia when it comes to the immediate care of life-threatening injured and emergency patients. The Clinical Center of Serbia is available to patients 00-24 and 365 days a year, weekends and holidays. It consists of 23 clinics, 9 centers, 9 services and polyclinics.

Emergency Room

Clinic for Cardiology

Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic

Clinic for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery


Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic

Otolaryngology and Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery

Pulmonology Clinic

Clinic for Chest Surgery

Clinic for Dermatovenerology

Clinic for Infectious and Tropical Diseases


Psychiatry Clinic

Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Burns

Neurosurgery Clinic

Clinic of Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism Diseases

Clinic for Hematology


Clinic for Digestive Surgery

Clinic of Gastroenterohepatology

Clinic for nephrology

Clinic for urology

Eye Clinic


Clinic for Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology

Allergy Immunology Clinic

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

The Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic “Narodni Front”

The obstetrics and gynaecology clinic “Narodni Front” consists of an expert team of 150 top doctors, who provide health care for women and newborns. During the year, about 6,800 babies are born at the clinic. The obstetrics and gynaecology clinic “Narodni Front” consists of the Department for highly specialized outpatient medical activity and the Service for inpatient health care activities with numerous departments.


The Special Psychiatric Hospital "Dr Laza Lazarevic"

The special psychiatric hospital "Dr Laza Lazarevic" is the oldest psychiatric institution in this part of Europe. The main activity of the clinic is diagnostics, integrative treatment and treatment of patients with psychiatric disorders, especially psychotic disorders. The clinic consists of 10 clinical departments.

 The Special hospital for treatment of cerebrovascular diseases “Sveti Sava”

The special hospital is in charge of the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of cerebrovascular diseases.

Military Medical Academy

The Military Medical Academy or MMA was founded in 1884 and today it is one of the leading and best healthcare institutions in the whole of Serbia. It is also the largest military hospital in Serbia. It consists of 27 clinics, 17 institutes, a Polyclinic, a Solid Organ Transplant Center, a National Poison Control Center and an Emergency Center. The MMA is open to all citizens, military insurers, the political establishment and the diplomatic corps.



Emergency Medical Services

The emergency medical services boast of being a leader in the field of prehospital emergency medicine. The largest part of the activities of this Institute is the care of seriously injured and critically ill patients.

Institute of Neonatology

The Institute for neonatology represents a health care institution responsible for the health care of births, infants and vulnerable newborns. The Institute's activity covers highly specialized, specialist consultative and inpatient healthcare activities.

UHMC “Bezanijska kosa”

University Hospital Medical Center “Bezanijska kosa” provides diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of diseased and injured patients in the fields of internal medicine, traumatology, orthopedics, urology and surgery. KBC performs highly specialized, specialist-consultative, polyclinic and inpatient healthcare activities for Belgrade residents.



UHMC “Zvezdara”

University Hospital Medical Center “Zvezdara” was founded in 1935 as the endowment of Belgrade merchant and benefactor Nikola Spasić. When it was established, the center was the first hospital built to treat the citizens of BulBuder.

UHMC “Zemun”

University Hospital Medical Center “Zemun” is a health institution that specializes in specialized, consultative and inpatient health care. Zemun Hospital boasts that the oldest hospital in Serbia was built in 1784.

University Clinical Hospital Center “Dr Dragisa Misovic - Dedinje”

University Clinical Hospital Center “Dr Dragisa Misovic” had its first female director - Mrs. Milica Vasic. Within the center there are a large number of clinics, hospitals and services, among others - the Hospital for Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases and TB, the Radiology Diagnostics Service, the Endoscopy Service and the Transfusion Department.



The Institute for Orthopedic Surgery "Banjica"

The Institute for orthopedic surgery "Banjica" is the largest healthcare institution in this part of Europe when it comes to orthopedic-surgical institutions. Today, the Institute has surgical care and treatment of injuries to the bone and joint system of all ages. A special activity is performed by the Center for Spine Surgery and Treatment.

Children's ambulance on duty Belgrade

Clinic for Neurology and Psychiatry for Children and Youth

Specialists in the field of neurology during their specialist internship at the Clinic of neurology spend a certain period of time at the Clinic of neurology and psychiatry for children and young people. Future physicians assist with the management of patients' illnesses at the inpatient clinic, in the day hospital, and in outpatient examinations.

Institute for Maternal and Child Health Care of Serbia “Dr Vukan Cupic”

The Institute for maternal and child health is the leading institution in the field of health care and care for women of generative age, preschool and school children. The activities of the Institute include the implementation of a national screening program for phenylketonuria, hypothyroidism, sporadic screening of a suspected population for pathological hemoglobin.



University Children's Hospital - Tiršova

The University Children's Clinic is a clinic with the longest tradition in this field in the region and boasts the first department of pediatric surgery in Belgrade.Through the Pediatric Sector and Pediatric Surgery Division, the Clinic treats all diseases and surgical diseases that occur in children from birth to 18 years.

Hospital for Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis "Dr Dragisa Misovic - Dedinje"

Within the Clinic "Dr Dragisa Misovic - Dedinje" there is a special Hospital for pediatric pulmonary diseases and tuberculosis. Founded in 1945, it has always strived to provide modern methods in treating children and counseling adolescents and parents.

Veterinary dispensaries on duty Belgrade

Contacts of veterinary surgeries and services and your nearest veterinarian.

 Ambulance ĆIRKOVIĆ   011 3163 371  Zemun
 Ambulance INTERVET  011 2604 289  Zemun
 Office JOLIE  011 3820 818  Zvezdara
 Practice FAMILY PET  011 3246 491  Vračar
 GRAVID Office  011 3977 810  Voždovac
 LA TERRIER Practice  063 409 174   Stari grad
 ALEA Office I.A.  011 3691 084  Savski venac
 ZEKA office  011 2341 800  Rakovica
 Ambulance VET HOME BLANCO  011 3292 711  Palilula
 St. George's Clinic  011 3541 683  N. Belgrade
 SANA office  011 2318 873  Čukarica


Dental dispensaries on duty Belgrade

List of state-owned dental dental clinics in Belgrade to assist with emergency dental care for all patients, such as pain or sudden swelling.

Dental Emergency Center at Vračar Health Center

  • Address: Bojanska 16
  • Contact phone: 011 3402 522
  • Email:

Ivan Milutinovic Health Center

“Stari grad” Health Center

  • Address: Obilićev venac 30
  • Contact phone: 011 2635 23