Radio Beo Taxi

Timočka 4, Belgrade

Belgrade Taxi Vracar

Belgrade Taxi - The Beo Taxi Association from the list Belgrade Taxi is the oldest taxi association in this region, and their business was started in 1925. Because of the long tradition and gained confidence Beo Taxi from the list Belgrade Taxi is one of the most popular public transporters in Belgrade. With the growth of Belgrade, grew the Beo... read more

Taxi Radio Beo Taxi Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 0h to 24:00h

Pink Taxi

Učiteljska 60, Belgrade

Belgrade Taxi Zvezdara

Belgrade Taxi - Pink Taxi started its work in 1994 on the first of December, and today is considered an innovator and companion of modern trends of taxi services and is one of the most popular taxicab associations amongst Belgraders. Within the Pink Taxi association network in Belgrade all vehicles are equipped with the latest technology and radio stations, and... read more

Taxi Pink Taxi Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 24:00h to 24:00h

Naxis Taxi

Borska 7, Belgrade

Belgrade Taxi Rakovica

Belgrade Taxi - Naxis Taxi from the list Belgrade Taxi began to work on the eleventh of January , 2013, and it is definitely a taxi association that strives for innovation. In addition to top notch, professional drivers, neat cars and pleasant and courteous operators of the Call center at Naxis Taxi Association, what sets them apart from the rest... read more

Taxi Naxis Taxi Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 24:00h to 24:00h

Žuti Taxi

Dunavska 7, Belgrade

Belgrade Taxi Center

Belgrade Taxi - Yellow Taxi started its operations on 1th of April, 1988, as a section of drivers at AutoMoto Association in Belgrade. After the cease of work of the AutoMoto Association of Belgrade the Yellow Taxi was founded as a general association Yellow Taxi. Yellow taxi in Belgrade is known as a taxi association of humanists, who during the... read more

Taxi Žuti Taxi Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 24:00h to 24:00h

Siguran Taxi BG

Murska 14, Belgrade

Belgrade Taxi Vozdovac

STB taxi vehicles can meet Belgrade,transfer from/to Belgrade airport, visit all the cultural sights in Belgrade and all around Serbia , restaurants, cultural and other events that our city has to offer. Call us!. We provide continuous taxi transportation every day 24/7 tart 170 din. I Tarif 65 din. II Tarif ** 85 din. III Tarif *** 130 din. One... read more

Taxi Siguran Taxi BG Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 0h to 24:00h

Daf Travel

Prvomajska 2č, Belgrade

Belgrade Taxi Zemun

Our main service is airport shuttle transport, transport to and from the airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. From price of 700 Rsd, you can get to or from the Airport to your desired address in the city. With us you will explore one of the best taxi driving experience. Just make reservation, all the rest we will do for you.... read more

Taxi Daf Travel Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 08:00h to 22:00h