Вulevar Omladinskih Brigada 86, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants New Belgrade

Oliva Restaurant is a pioneer among vegan vegetarian restaurants . The restaurant staff is trying to introduce you to healthy foods in a tasty and interesting way . In addition to the food that is available for vegans, Oliva restaurant offers fish (tuna and salmon) as well as a selection of exclusive cheeses. Here you can enjoy the wines of... read more

Restaurant Oliva Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 10:00h to 22:00h


Njegoševa 63, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vracar

Restaurant Prive is one of the best sushi restaurants in Belgrade. It is located at Njegoseva 63 in Vracar. You will find an oasis of smell and taste in our place. Restaurant "Prive" welcomes guests with excellent coffee and cold-fried juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. The changed concept and ambience of this famous Belgrade restaurant meet the demands of... read more

Restaurant Prive Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 08:00h to 24:00h

Azzaro Belville

Jurija Gagarina 14 i, Mimoza, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants New Belgrade

In the heart of New Belgrade, in the luxurious Belleville neighborhood, a brand whose quality far exceeded the borders of the Serbian capital was created. We present to you the Azzaro Bellvile restaurant - a place that will delight all your senses. For ten years now, Azzaro Bellvile has been fulfilling all the wishes of its guests and gaining the... read more

Restaurant Azzaro Belville Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 08:00h to 23:00h


Prve, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zemun

.. Chinese cuisine over the centuries of existence has become in itself an indispensable part of Chinese  culture, not only in this densely populated country, but also throughout the world, including in our country. Characteristic of this cuisine is a combination of different flavors, colors and scents. In Chinese culture, food is a means to achieve health and an art... read more

Restaurant Makao Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 11:00h to 23:00h


Vuka Karadžića 2 , Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

In the heart of Belgrade, in the pedestrian area, hidden from eyesight, in his mystery is the oldest Chinese restaurant in Belgrade for over three decades with its ambience, service and quality give guests a special atmosphere. A few minutes away from "boiling" Knez Mihailova Street, main shopping street in downtown, and at the same time in its own silence... read more

Restaurant Peking Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 08:00h to 23:00h

Luda Kuća

Vlajkovićeva 23, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

We present you the restaurant Luda Kuća - the first Chinese food restaurant in Belgrade. This catering facility started operating back in 1997 and during more than two decades of operation it gained the title: the most renowned and most visited restaurant of Eastern cuisine in the capital of Serbia. Always full capacity and a large number of regular guests,... read more

Restaurant Luda Kuća Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 10:00h to 23:00h