Konoba Akustik

Cara Dušana 13 , Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Restaurant - Tavern “Konoba Akustik” has became an unavoidable place for guest of our apartments that love to indulge themselves in gourmet meals prepared by top notch cooks. It is located in the very popular neighborhood Dorćol on Cara Dušana street, in the glamorous and famous building of the Physics university. “Konoba Akustik” is a place that every true lover... read more

Restaurant Konoba Akustik Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 24:00h to 24:00h

Luda Kuća

Vlajkovićeva 23, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

“Luda Kuća” is a pioneer of chinese cuisine in Serbia and Belgrade, founded in 1997. But, over time, their patrons made it clear that it was time to open two small restaurants that make home deliveries. The primary restaurant is located on Vlajkoviceva street, with a wast menu of chinese cuisine, prepared in a traditional manner, where the ingredients keep... read more

Restaurant Luda Kuća Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 10:00h to 23:00h

Tel Aviv Hummus House

Carice Milice 3, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Falling in love with Violeta and her country Serbia , but still missing the Israeli tradition food, Mr. Goldman, an Israeli businessman lives in Belgrade over the last 12 years, established with his wife the “Tel Aviv Hummus House” in May 2011. Relaying on fresh ingredients, Israeli traditional recipes and wonderful team of Serb employees “Tel Aviv Hummus House” is... read more

Restaurant Tel Aviv Hummus House Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 06:00h to 23:00h

Nova Čigra

Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 564, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zvezdara

in making read more

Restaurant Nova Čigra Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 23:00h

Srpska Kafana

Svetogorska 25, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Restaurant "Serbian café" can be found in the Old Town, Svetogorska street number 25 . The cult place in Belgrade, which epitomizes the true urban cafes and bohemian lifestyle memorial. The restaurant its charm attracts people of good will, of all generations, admirers of tradition and culture of our people. Having found the perfect way to combine the rich tradition... read more

Restaurant Srpska Kafana Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 07:00h to 23:00h


Zemunksi Kej bb, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zemun

“Gusar” restaurant is most definitely a unique place, being that is a barge restaurant, located on the Zemun wharf with an amazing surroundings and ambiance. The spacious garden-patio on the barge overlooking the river is a perfect place to share with your loved ones. The exquisite food, fresh water fish meals and Serbian grilled meat specialities will leave you breathless... read more

Restaurant Gusar Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 24:00h

Novi Sport

Vojvode Stepe 1, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vozdovac

On the Autokomanda at Duke Stepe No.1 , placed the restaurant ,, NEW SPORT " . Exterior of the restaurant is reminiscent of an old tavern where he gladly went for a chat , a course which is always good food and wine . In front is a garden full of greenery , which protects the restaurant guests from prying... read more

Restaurant Novi Sport Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 22:00h

Talas Dunava

Maršala Tita, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Palilula

If you are looking for a place that exudes warmth, spontaneity, welcoming vibes of the host and a homely atmosphere, then the restaurant Talas Dunava is the right choice for you. It is located on the banks of the Danube river, in the place where the horizon is the closest to his guests, and the view of the Danube is... read more

Restaurant Talas Dunava Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 23:00h


Novogradska 10, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zemun

The Greek Musical tavern Piatakia is more than just a Greek restaurant. It is the Greek destination in Belgrade, a shelter from the city bustle ruled by the Greek style and philosophy of life, the Greek colors, smells, tastes, sounds ... Our local, Greek and foreign visitors come together to enjoy, sing and dance, and are forever linked by a... read more

Restaurant Piatakia Belgrade
working hours / Monday


Carice Milice 16, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

 "Venčac" represents something that looks like a hybrid of kebab shops and restaurants, ie. the restaurant tables are nakalamljeni equipment and the grill atmosphere. Fine little place tucked away in the city center. Selection of ticks and beverage is not large, but it is quite OK. This means that the menu does not exist "some French + some more French... read more

Restaurant Venčac Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 23:00h

Ružo moja

Savski kej bb, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants New Belgrade

in the preparation read more

Restaurant Ružo moja Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 10:00h to 22:00h

Fish & Bar

Brace Jugovica 3, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

“Fish&Bar” is a unique fusion of a restaurant and a fast food restaurant, created with a goal to bring forth quality seafood to everyone at a reasonable price. At “Fish&Bar” you can enjoy innovative specialities prepared with quality and fresh product. The “Fish&Bar” restaurant offers a healthy and diverse menu, put together with specialities prepared from first class ingredients, with... read more

Restaurant Fish & Bar Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 23:00h

Carska Ohota

Ada huja bb, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Palilula

Mysterious Danube , ships stopping to admire the unique architecture of this rustic building, relaxing evening with the Danube tambura, a blend of past and present , peace , tranquility and luxury , the atmosphere that you will proudly recount , only a part of what you can experience here . At this particular site , they performed many celebrities... read more

Restaurant Carska Ohota Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 11:00h to 04:00h

Šabački Slatinac

Save Maškovića 5, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vozdovac

Not so long ago, in 1981, half way from Belgrade to Kumodraž, next to the tram terminal, a man from Shabac, Zhivan Trifunovic opened his restaurant and named it Shabachki slatinac! Ever since then, the restaurant became known for its good national cuisine. Whoever visited the restaurant back then, had to notice Živan's kitchen where he grilled the kebab, steaks,... read more

Restaurant Šabački Slatinac Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 07:00h to 23:00h

Veliki Trg

Gospodska 18, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zemun

Tucked in, in the wonderful pedestrian zone of Zemun and the calm of the 100 years old city square is the “Veliki trg” restaurant, and if you are looking for the best price and quality ratio, “Veliki trg” is the best choice for you. It is a traditional, unusual, authentic and special place of charm with a great attention to... read more

Restaurant Veliki Trg Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 07:00h to 23:00h

Ribolovačka Priča

Petrogradska 18, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vracar

We invite you to relax in a pleasant ambience of our completely renovated restaurant and enjoy delicious food and fine wine. We offer fish specialties, grilled specialties and traditional local cuisine dishes prepared using highest quality ingredients. We organize celebrations and business lunches. The restaurant is situated in a quiet street in the part of Belgrade called Vracar, near the... read more

Restaurant Ribolovačka Priča Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 01:00h