Pizza Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade are unique in the world because it is a plenty of recognizable local flavors of Serbia. The quality od pizza Belgrade is almost the same as Italian pizza, and in addition pizza Belgrade will provide a unique set of Serbian- Italian tradition in one pan. The last decade in Belgrade contributed to a great urbanization of the city, and a lot of a pizza restaurant in Belgrade are places where most of the population consumed their daily meal. Great popularization of fast food pizza Belgrade passed many changes, so that for every taste pizza masters of true masterpieces in the form of pizza custom and desire of the customer. The widely known pizzerias that are baked pizza on firewood, charcoal, various types of oven, while some of the most famous Belgrade's Pizza, Pizza with sausage, smoked beef and smoked ham. There are lot of pizzerias in Belgrade and they are all unique, the list below will present you with some of the most famous and you leave us your comments. Pleasant!


Kraljice Marije 15, Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade Palilula

After 12 years of successful business in New York, the Brooklyn pizzeria is now with you in Belgrade, the teller, the Queen Mary 15 . We are proud to offer you a unique pizzas from original Italian recipes and ingredients. We leave nothing to chance, QUALITY and satisfied customers are our highest priority! Our pizza will leave an unforgettable impression... read more

Pizza Brooklyn Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 23:00h


Požarevačka 13, Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade Vracar

Pizza Factory - site "production" excellent pizza! "If you are looking for a place where you can feel good and eat doooooobru pizza from a wood stove stop by the Pizza Factory teller. The dough is perfect, thin, airy, crispy, but what really fascinated by the freshness and quality of supplements. " Our pizzaiolo recommended: Pizza Fabrika fokača Focaccia First... read more

Pizza Fabrika Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 11:00h to 23:00h


Jurija Gagarina 14g Belville, Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade New Belgrade

Italian food, Serbian food, Pizza, Pasta, Grill, Mediterranean food,Sandwiches, Pancakes, Breakfast, Desserts, Chicken Pizzeria that will satisfy even the most delicate taste, delivers also top quality sandwiches, meals, omelets, savory and sweet pancakes. read more

Pizza Amos Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 09:00h to 23:00h


Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 134, Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade Zvezdara

  read more

Pizza Caribic Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 24:00h to 24:00h

Aj svrati

Koče kapetana 2 Beograd, Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade Vracar

En read more

Pizza Aj svrati Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 08:00h to 24:00h

Big Pizza

Braće Jugovića 21, Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade Center

We are the first pizza chain in Serbia that followed through on our promise to deliver the pizza within 30 minutes or the pizza is free of charge, after that we gained your trust and the rest is history. Thank You! Mission BigPizza has a mission to offer different variety of top quality products, suitable quantities at reasonable prices. In... read more

Pizza Big Pizza Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 24:00h to 24:00h


Beogradska 47, Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade Vracar

Pizzeria Orao - a long-standing pizzeria opened over 30 years ago, originally in the form of an Italian restaurant with exclusively Italian cuisine. After many years of work and the suggestion of our guests, we first started selling "pizza on a piece" in Belgrade, which is still very popular in our fast food restaurants today.   Today, our restaurants offer... read more

Pizza Orao Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 24:00h to 24:00h
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