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Rafts Belgrade - We present you the most famous and most visited rafts in Belgrade, widely known places in the capital with the best nightlife. Unusual interiors, modern effects, an exceptional music program, a wide range of various drinks - these are the reasons why almost every night out must be completed by going to these locations. Our page presents all the characteristics of Belgrade rafts. Each facility has an individual page with a description of services and all information about opening hours, location and prices. Explore our selection in detail, determine the raft that realizes your idea of ​​an ideal pastime and enjoy until the early morning hours in the capital of good fun!
Raft Belgrade Splav Freestyler Belgrade
working hours / Friday
from 23:30h to 05:00h

Splav Hua Hua

Ušće (kod Asterix-a i Fensi Kafane), Belgrade

Rafts Belgrade New Belgrade

The Hua Hua club ( raft ) was opened almost 30 years ago. This raft was named after a Dutch ship. All these years, it distinguishes itself firstly with great atmosphere. It is a small hangout with live music of the Hua Hua band, but it is also one of the most famous in a town, one in which many... read more

Raft Belgrade Splav Hua Hua Belgrade
working hours / Friday
from 22:00h to 04:00h

Dragstor Play

Usce, kod Muzeja savremene umetnosti, Belgrade

Rafts Belgrade New Belgrade

Dragstor Club Play.  On-site summer abortion Play, near the Museum of Contemporary Art at Usce, opened a new winter club in Belgrade called Dragstor Play. Abortion Dragstor Play the winter club and is located in the inner part of the closed summer Raft Play. If someone thought it would be the coldest winter in decades, they were wrong! Abortion Dragstor... read more

Raft Belgrade Dragstor Play Belgrade
working hours / Friday
from 23:00h to 04:00h


Savski kej bb, Belgrade

Rafts Belgrade New Belgrade

comming soon read more

Raft Belgrade Knjaz Belgrade
working hours / Friday
from 10:00h to 04:00h