Stomatološka ordinicija Dr Minić

Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 33/1, Belgrade

Dentist Belgrade Center

Dr. Minić Dental Clinic is a dental office located in Belgrade. This clinic is dedicated to providing the best service to patients, with the aim of preserving and improving oral health. The clinic provides services in the following dental areas: cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, periodontal surgery, preventive dentistry, as well as conservative and endodontic therapies. They... read more

Dentist Stomatološka ordinicija Dr Minić Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 11:00h to 19:00h

Smile Esthetics

Dragoslava Jovanovića 13, Belgrade

Dentist Belgrade Center

  4. SMILE ESTETICS   Specialist dental practice "Smile Esthetics" in the center of Belgrade, street Dragoslav Jovanovic 13 across the assembly and "pioneer" park. The central location allows patients to easily find an office and the possibility of parking in the garage across the street. The professional team of the office takes care not only of your tooth health,... read more

Dentist Smile Esthetics Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 13:00h to 21:00h

Stomatološka ordinacija Dr Jovanović

Dunavski kej 11, Belgrade

Dentist Belgrade Center

For over two decades of their existence the private clinics Jovanovic have been dedicated to providing exceptional dental services with emphasis on aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics. Since its very beginnings in 1989 the specialized clinic Jovanovic has aimed to give a whole new dimension to private dental practices. The Primarii and specialized orthodontists, Doctors Olga and Milan Jovanovic have applied... read more

Dentist Stomatološka ordinacija Dr Jovanović Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 11:00h to 20:00h