Frequently Asked Questions

Apartments Belgrade FAQ, all questions about renting apartments in Belgrade, payments, check-in and out, house rules for Belgrade apartments

House rules during stay in our apartments
During your stay in one of our apartments, house rules are that you need to keep the furniture and electronic and all other devices safe. Should you cause any damage during your stay in one of our Belgrade apartments, you would have to compensate for the damages.
Our apartments are rented for a day or more and check-out time is by 12 pm (noon) on the day you leave.
Guests are required to take their personal belongings with them.
It is not allowed to play loud music or make unusual noises from 2pm-5pm, and from 10pm-9am.
Smoking is only allowed in living rooms of Belgrade apartments for rent.
Our guests can also have other guests during their stay in the apartment, as long as they also obey the house rules.
Apartments in Belgrade are entitled to deny stay to guests who break the house rules.

How to book an apartment?
Through our website’s search engine you can easily find the apartments for rent you like. We offer apartments of all structures, locations, from luxurious to modest apartments in Belgrade, in order to satisfy the needs of our guests.
All you need to do is to fill out the booking form with all information requested, and send us a booking request. You can fill out the form at the apartment page.
You will receive the confirmation of reservation by e-mail or phone. Also, you are free to contact us at, or by phone +381-63-322-092.
For all other questions about Belgrade apartments for rent, feel free to contact us.

How to pay for your stay?
Payments are made directly, in person, after receiving the keys to the apartment.
Payments can be made in Euros or Dinars, at the sell rate of National Bank of Serbia.
For renting apartments in Belgrade for periods longer than 10 days, our guests need to pay 20% of the total price after reserving the accommodation, before checking in. Advance payments can be made in cash, through bank account, by credit card, with postal payments for citizens of Serbia, through Western Union and PayPal. PayPal transfer costs are 4% of the whole amount.

Belgrade apartments for rent – prices
Apartments in Belgrade offer affordable, but quality accommodation, well-equipped daily rent, adapted to our guests’ needs.
During various manifestations and events in Belgrade, Apartments in Belgrade offer cheaper prices than hotels and hostels, and our service, comfort and quality of accommodation are always at the highest level.
Prices of daily rent are shown for each apartment in Belgrade. For more information about the accommodation prices, take a look at our offer of apartments in Belgrade.
During New Year’s holidays in Belgrade, apartment’s price can rise by 10-20% from the prices given in the table.

Checking in and out
At your arrival in one of our Belgrade apartments, you will be greeted by our kind agent, who will give you a proper welcome and keys to your apartment.
You need to inform us about your arrival time at least 24 hours ahead, so our agent can meet with you on time. You will arrange the exact time of your check in with our agent when you book your apartment.
Our agent will also meet with you when you check out, as he was there when you checked in.

Insurance – Apartments in Belgrade do not cover insurance costs during your stay in one of our Belgrade apartments.

How to extend or shorten your stay?
Extension of your stay is possible if the apartment is available, and if it is already booked – we will try to find you an alternative accommodation in one of our other Belgrade apartments.
Shortening your stay is possible, but in that case we cannot guarantee full refund.

Privacy of guests during staying in apartment
We are obliged to keep our guests’ privacy – Apartments in Belgrade have legal obligation of keeping your personal information safe, as well as other data about your stay in one of our Belgrade apartments. We are also obliged to give your information to the police and tourist organization of Belgrade, for the purpose of calculating the taxes.

Cancellation policy
Every cancellation, or if you wish to shorten your stay, has to be made by phone, as soon as you make your decision. We cannot guarantee refunds, unless it is arranged by contract.
If for some justified reason Apartments in Belgrade has to cancel your reservation, we will offer you another accommodation or provide you with a full refund.

Guests’ legal obligations
Legal entities and individuals who book the apartment are solely responsible for accuracy of guests’ information provided. Legal entities and individuals, by confirming the reservation, accept all terms and conditions for booking with Apartments in Belgrade.

Apartments in Belgrade are not responsible for the possible damages by using the appliances, or for damages done by higher forces, and are specifically not responsible for any criminal or illegal actions made by guests during their stay in one of the Belgrade apartments. In case of any disputes, all settlements shall be in the jurisdiction of the Belgrade Court.