Belgrade Police stations

Get all the necessary information on police stations and telephone numbers of police stations in Belgrade. Apartments in Belgrade take care of you and your safety.

In order to give you quick and easy access to all information about police stations and administrations in Belgrade, we have put together a page of the Belgrade Police Station. Emergencies do not have opening hours, which is why we wanted to make information available to you in order to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible in an emergency. We want your stay in Belgrade to go through without the need for this information, but even if such cases occur, you can respond immediately. All the facilities on the Belgrade Police Station page are open 24 hours and are here to help.

Ministry of Interior

The Ministry of the Interior is responsible for the security of the state and all citizens who live or reside in it, maintaining law and order, securing personalities and facilities, controlling the movement and stay of foreigners, travel documents and the like.

General Police Directorate

General Police Directorate is responsible for all police affairs. There are 27 regional police departments within the Police Directorate.


Municipal Departments

Municipality of Vracar

Municipality of Stari Grad

Municipality of Savski Venac

Palilula Municipality

Municipality of Zvezdara

Municipality of Čukarica

Municipality of New Belgrade

Municipality of Vozdovac

Municipality of Rakovica

Municipality of Zemun

Municipality of Mirijevo

Municipality of Surčin

Municipality of Mladenovac

Lazarevac municipality

Obrenovac Municipality

Municipality of Barajevo

The Municipality of Grocka

Municipality of Sopot

Municipality of Beli potok

Municipality of Vrčin

Municipality of Batajnica

Barič Municipality

Municipality of Borča

Municipality of Resnik

Municipality of Ralja

Municipality of Železnik

Municipality of Sremčica



Police stations 

  • Airport "Nikola Tesla"

Contact phone: 2286-000

  • Former Belgrade Railway Station

Address: Savski trg 2

Contact phone: 011 2645 764

  • Belgrade River police

Address: Port of Belgrade
Contact phone: 011 3002 003



Additional information

Foreigners Administration

Traffic Police Directorate

Belgrade Police Department

Fire Police Directorate

Police Brigade



Security Information Agency (BIA)

BIA or Security Information Agency was established in 2002 as a special organization within the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The BIA is a civilian national security service tasked with protecting the security of the Republic of Serbia.