Healthy Food Belgrade

Here we listed locations where you can find healthy food stores. Healthy food is what makes you healthy, and Belgrade offers you various ways to get to your health. In health food stores you will find organic and hand-made food that will bring health to your table. It offers you a wide selection of cereals, seeds, cheeses, meat and other foods that come fresh and without any additives.


Cara Dušana 69, Belgrade

Healthy Food Belgrade Center

Traditional Serbian food, hand made, non-industrial. In the store we sell what we produce, such as cheese and cream cheese, homemade butter and cheese for grilling. We produce these products in our small mountain production. Also, we gather other manufactures working craft, fine products. What you can find in Domaccini store represent Serbia in a nutshell. When you come to... read more

Healthy Food Domaccini Belgrade
working hours / Friday
from 08:00h to 19:00h