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Center May 25 - The Center 25. May neighborhood is located in the very heart of Belgrade, and it is most know for it's liveliness. Besides the sports center Milan Gale Muškatirović the 25. May Center neighborhood is well know for a peaceful walk along the river, sunny day enjoyments, a lot of active people, as well as a swimming pool and a Zoo. The Center 25. May neighborhood i well connected to the rest of Belgrade and easily reachable from all parts of the city, and for those who travel by car, there are numerous public car parks as well as parking places along the side of most it's streets. Among other things the Center 25. May neighborhood is home to the Faculty of Physics and numerous bakeries, restaurants of national and international cuisine, markets and boutiques. Belgraders describe the 25. May Center neighborhood as a place for rest and relaxation because of its calm and peaceful environment, a lot of greenery and the beautiful old facades on the Dorćol part of the neighborhood. But the Center 25. May neighborhood can be fun as well, testifying to that are numerous barges and party boats along the side of the river.


Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 10, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Center

Tavern Gaučosi the winter variant  Bašte gauchos and is located at Bulevar Vojvode Bojovića 10, near Kalemegdan, in the heart of Dorćol. Due to the location of the cafe calm and without residential buildings in the area, is an additional bonus for a long rage and entertaining late into the night. Tavern Gaučosi is exactly what its name says, your... read more

Tavern Gaučosi Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday

Two Tales

Centar, Belgrade

Belgrade Taverns Center

We are Two Tales and we are the most unique craft beer from a country of experts, a country with 10 million brew masters. read more

Tavern Two Tales Belgrade
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