Le Teniza

Resavska 23, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vracar

Restaurant "Leteniza" was opened in 2012. It is located in the center of the busiest streets of Belgrade (in the yard of the Resavska 23 business building). We wanted to make a place where we can relax, refresh, and by the way eat something that is not eaten every day at home, all for very, very decent money.   For... read more

Restaurant Le Teniza Belgrade
working hours / Thursday
from 08:00h to 01:00h


Požarevačka 51, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vracar

In the heart of Belgrade, hidden from view and daily crowds and noise, in it's secrecy is a family restaurant tavern Bevanda. We offer the specialties of the sea depth, fruit and fish, the old original recipes of Dalmatia and Italy. For more than 15 years our services and quality provides guests with a special atmosphere, both domestic and foreign, which... read more

Restaurant Bevanda Belgrade
working hours / Thursday
from 12:00h to 24:00h