Stomatološka ordinicija Dr Minić

Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 33/1, Belgrade

Dentist Belgrade Center

Dr. Minić Dental Clinic is a dental office located in Belgrade. This clinic is dedicated to providing the best service to patients, with the aim of preserving and improving oral health. The clinic provides services in the following dental areas: cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, implantology, orthodontics, dental prosthetics, periodontal surgery, preventive dentistry, as well as conservative and endodontic therapies. They... read more

Dentist Stomatološka ordinicija Dr Minić Belgrade
working hours / Sunday

Premium Dental

Bulevar crvene armije 11g, Belvil, Belgrade

Dentist Belgrade New Belgrade

How long have you not been to the dentist? read more

Dentist Premium Dental Belgrade
working hours / Sunday


Hercegovačka 19, Belgrade

Dentist Belgrade Savski Venac

Dental clinic QUEEN in Belgrade, gathers a top-notch team of dentists aiming to provide the highest quality dental services. They constantly strive for improvement and keep up with all scientific developments in the field of dentistry. Patient-oriented and before each intervention, they conduct an analysis to minimize the margin of error. Friendliness towards patients and communication aimed at their relaxation... read more

Dentist QUEEN Belgrade
working hours / Sunday
from h to 24:00h