Cosmetic surgery

We tried to present you a list of the best specialized cosmetic surgery offices in Belgrade. If you want to change something on yourself during your visit to Belgrade, you can do this by calling one of the phone numbers from the list. Aesthetic surgery provides you with the opportunity to complete your beautiful appearance or change something that you are not satisfied with. Aesthetic surgery is there for you in Belgrade. Choose the appropriate cosmetic surgery clinic and schedule your treatment.

Colić Hospital

Surdulička 5, Belgrade

Cosmetic surgery Vozdovac

Colic Hospital was founded in 1989 as the first private healthcare institution in our country specializing in health and beauty. "Dr Colic" Hospital has excellent experts in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery. In the very center of Belgrade you will find all treatments in the field of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. The hospital is accredited by the... read more

Cosmetic surgery Colić Hospital Belgrade
+381 11 3699 801
+381 11 3699 807
working hours / Sunday
from 0h to 24:00h