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IL Grappolo wine bar

Obilićev Venac 27, Belgrade

Belgrade Wine Bars Center

In order to bring new wine experience in our town, we present you the IL Grappolo wine bar & shop. We offer you a large selection of domestic and foreign wines, authentic Serbian brandies and craft beer. The list of domestic wines represents all the wine regions of Serbia and includes some indigenous varieties. We offer you homemade cheese and... read more

Wine Bar IL Grappolo wine bar Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 12:00h to 24:00h


Brace Krsmanovića 7-9, Belgrade

Belgrade Wine Bars Center

Sava mahala or Savamala (Mahala is Balkan word for neighborhood) has just become richer for another exclusive place – a specialized winery that is certainly to win hearts and minds of Belgrade. Dudurudu will aim to enrich exciting life of Savamala with the spirit of good old times we’ve enjoyed in the city’s leading clubs over a decade ago. We’ll... read more

Wine Bar Dudurudu Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 18:00h to 24:00h