Žorža Klemansoa 27v, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

The perfect flavors of Italian cuisine can best be felt in the Insolita restaurant. The magnificent combination of traditional and modern cuisine will easily entice you to go the way of Dorćol. The rich and unusual history of Italian cuisine, which definitely dominates the culinary field, is reflected in the Insolita restaurant in the most perfect way. However, it is... read more

Restaurant Insolita Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 12:00h to 24:00h

Gnezdo ogrganic

Male stepenice 1a, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Gnezdo Organic is not just a plain restaurant although the preparing and the serving of food and beverages produced of organic ingredients is one of its main features. Gnezdo is a concept that is a fusion of healthy reasoning and modern lifestyles. A group of friends, who grew up in a country renowned for healthy food at the time, has... read more

Restaurant Gnezdo ogrganic Belgrade
working hours / Monday