Belgrade Cinema

Belgrade Cinema - Belgrade is definitely a city that has a lot to offer, and that fabulous offer includes this list Belgrade cinema with a total of 12 cinemas with 36 top notch viewing halls. If you are looking for the best video entertainment system, with the latest equipment and the most popular movies you are at the right place. We have prepared a list of the best equipped Belgrade cinema in which you will enjoy every moment of your favorite movies.


Pariske komune 13, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema New Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema - The Belgrade Cinema Fontana is located on the Pariske Komune street in New Belgrade. It was built in 1967, and for more than a decade it was deteriorated. But the famous movie fan building was opened again in 2012, this time in support of the Centre and the European Children's Film. Today Belgrade Cinema Fontana in Belgrade... read more

Cinema Fontana Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 21:00h

Tuckwood Cineplex

Kneza Miloša 7a, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Savski Venac

Cinemas Belgrade - Tuckwood Cineplex is located in the heart of the city not far from the National Assembly, Nikola Pasic Square and King Alexander Boulevard. For anyone living or staying in downtown Belgrade, the Tuckwood Cineplex is one of their favorite pastimes. The cinema consists of several cinema halls, which are equipped with new comfortable seats. Each room is... read more

Cinema Tuckwood Cineplex Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 15:00h to 22:30h

Cineplexx Delta City

Jurija Gagarina 16, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema New Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema - The Delta city Cineplexx cinema is located on Jurija Gagarina street at the numbers 16 and 16a in New Belgrade within the shopping mall complex Delta city, on the second floor. The Delta city Cineplexx Cinema is a part of the huge company Cineplexx multiplex, whose cinemas are equipped with the latest digital technology, professional sound system... read more

Cinema Cineplexx Delta City Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 14:00h to 23:00h

Roda Cineplexx

Blagoja Parovića, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Cukarica

Belgrade Cinema - One of the best known cinemas from the list Belgrade Cinemas is the Roda Cineplex Cinema or Palas Šumadija cinema, how it has been known before. It was renovated in 2002 and with that renovation became home to three halls of the Cineplex multiplex. The Cinema Roda Cineplex in Belgrade is located in the Banovo Brdo neighborhood... read more

Cinema Roda Cineplexx Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 12:00h to 23:00h

Cineplexx BIG Beograd

Višnjička 84, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Zvezdara

Cinemas Belgrade - Cineplexx BIG Belgrade opened within the Big Fashion shopping center in Karaburma. Like other Cineplexx cinemas, Cineplexx BIG Belgrade is equipped with state-of-the-art video and audio equipment. In cinemas, everything is subordinated to the enjoyment and special experience of the spectators. In addition to standard 2D and 3D projection, Cineplexx cinemas also feature 4D projection. While watching... read more

Cinema Cineplexx BIG Beograd Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 15:00h to 24:00h

Akademija 28

Nemanjina 28, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Savski Venac

Belgrade Cinema - The Academy 28 Cinema in Belgrade is located at the corner of Nemanjina and street Svetozara Markovica, right across the street from Manjež park in the city center, near the Slavija square. The Belgrade cinema Academy 28 is not just a cinema, but also a club, gallery and theater scene, and as such it is one of... read more

Cinema Akademija 28 Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 12:00h to 20:00h

Cineplexx Ušće Shopping Center

Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 4, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema New Belgrade

Cinemas Belgrade - Cineplexx cinemas are currently the best equipped cinemas in Belgrade. One of them is the Cineplexx Mouth Shopping Center. It is located within the shopping center of the same name in New Belgrade and is very popular. In addition to top-notch facilities, Cineplexx Usce Shopping Center has evening screenings, which is why many viewers visit this cinema.... read more

Cinema Cineplexx Ušće Shopping Center Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 14:30h to 24:00h

Dom kulture "Studentski grad"

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 179, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema New Belgrade

Cinemas Belgrade - The Student’s City Cultural Center cannot be classified as standard cinemas. The Cultural Center is intended for students and the development of their education. Within the diverse repertoire of the House of Culture there are film screenings, and together with all the activities performed by the House of Culture, there is a constant effort to promote cultural... read more

Cinema Dom kulture "Studentski grad" Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 08:00h to 23:00h

Cine Grand

Patrijarha Dimitrija 14, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Rakovica

Cinemas Belgrade - Cine Grand is one of the newly opened cinemas in Belgrade. It is located in the municipality of Rakovica within the Capitol Park or the new shopping center. Already at the entrance to Cine Grannad it can be seen that it was designed to enhance cinematic entertainment to a higher level. In terms of its equipment and... read more

Cinema Cine Grand Belgrade
011 63 07 397
working hours / Tuesday
from 13:00h to 23:00h

Art Bioskop Kolarac

Studentski trg 5, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Center

Cinemas Belgrade - The Kolarac Art Cinema is located in the center of Belgrade within the Kolarac Foundation. Whoever has come to Belgrade at least once has certainly walked past the magnificent Kolarac Endowment. With its diverse activities, Kolarac enriches Belgrade's cultural and artistic life. In addition to film screenings, Kolarac organizes concerts, guest appearances, festivals, performances, tribunes, lectures and... read more

Cinema Art Bioskop Kolarac Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 10:00h to 20:30h

Kombank dvorana

Dečanska 14, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Center

Cinemas Belgrade - Kombank hall, as a multi-purpose building, has several cinema halls at its disposal. The hall is located on Nikola Pasic Square, not far from Terazijska Fountain, Republic Square and Knez Mihailova Street. The Kombank Hall is almost impossible to spot because it is an imposing building across from the National Assembly and the Museum of History. Kombank... read more

Cinema Kombank dvorana Belgrade
011 42 50 100
working hours / Tuesday
from 10:00h to 01:00h

Jugoslovenska kinoteka

Uzun-Mirkova 1, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Center

Cinemas Belgrade - The Yugoslav Cinematheque is located in the very center of Belgrade at Uzun-Mirkova No. 1. The Yugoslav Cinematheque is today one of the most respected institutions of culture, collecting, preserving and displaying films, supporting film material and material in the field of film. All the materials collected by the Cinematheque are stored in the archives. The Yugoslav... read more

Cinema Jugoslovenska kinoteka Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 10:00h to 21:00h

Dom Sindikata

Dečanska 14, Trg Nikole Pašića, Belgrade

Belgrade Cinema Center

Belgrade Cinema - The Dom Sindikata cinema from the list Belgrade Cinemas is the best known and most visited Belgrade cinema. The Cinema Hall of the House of Unions or Dom Sindikata was officially opened on 13th of June, 1957, and the first film ever projected was the local Yugoslav film "Only people" on 7th of September in 1957. The... read more

Cinema Dom Sindikata Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 19:00h