Brace Krsmanovića 7-9, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Sava mahala or Savamala (Mahala is Balkan word for neighborhood) has just become richer for another exclusive place – a specialized winery that is certainly to win hearts and minds of Belgrade. Dudurudu will aim to enrich exciting life of Savamala with the spirit of good old times we’ve enjoyed in the city’s leading clubs over a decade ago. We’ll... read more

Restaurant Dudurudu Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 18:00h to 24:00h

Bistro TRI

Mileševska 16, Beograd 11000, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vracar

Welcome to the pleasant ambience of the Vracar restaurant Bistro Tri, which will delight you with an excellent selection of various dishes and drinks. It is a new corner located in the most beautiful part of our capital, and it was created with love toward great tastes and hedonism. Another new space of this restaurant has additionally enriched the Vracar... read more

Restaurant Bistro TRI Belgrade
+381 65 3332548
working hours / Wednesday
from 10:00h to 24:00h


Njegoševa 63, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vracar

Restaurant Prive is one of the best sushi restaurants in Belgrade. It is located at Njegoseva 63 in Vracar. You will find an oasis of smell and taste in our place. Restaurant "Prive" welcomes guests with excellent coffee and cold-fried juices from fresh fruits and vegetables. The changed concept and ambience of this famous Belgrade restaurant meet the demands of... read more

Restaurant Prive Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 08:00h to 24:00h

Le Moliere

Zmaj Jovina 11, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Restaurant Le Moliere is located in the very heart of Belgrade, on the street Zmaj Jovina 11. Le Moliere is an authentic restaurant that offers french cuisine specialities, as well as some selected international and serbian meals. This charming restaurant, with a french soul, offers many qualities, among others, natural flavors, fresh produce and a pleasant ambiance for every guest.... read more

Restaurant Le Moliere Belgrade
working hours / Wednesday
from 09:00h to 24:00h