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Dr Jovan Cabunac Belgrade, Center ~ Čumićeva 1 Dentist

Dental practice Dr. Jovan Cabunac was founded in 1999 in Belgrade. From its establishment until today, the dental practice has developed in two directions - in the direction of aesthetic dentistry and anti - aging medicine.

We are proud of the fact that we are pioneers in developing the concept of dentalspa,
which is carried out in the office from the first day of the office. Even today,
we are open to all innovations in dentistry and we are participants
the most prestigious congresses and education in areas that contribute to better
patient care.

What makes the dental practice of Dr. Jovan Cabunac stand out from the others?
It is a constant education of all members of our team, as well as the most modern methods in the treatment and beautification of patients.

Also, Dr. Spec. Jovan Cabunac and others spec. Željka Cabunac trains and improves other dentists through numerous courses held throughout Serbia, Europe and the world.

Dental practice Dr Jovan Cabunac Our team Facets Implants Metal-free ceramics Teeth whitening waiting room Our team
The concept of aesthetic dentistry and implantology is implemented by Dr. Jovan Cabunac, and the anti-aging concept and orthodontics by Dr. Željka Cabunac.

Our task and goal, as a cosmetic dentist's office, is to, in addition
preserving the integrity of existing teeth, make it dental
compensations are maximally comfortable. We also insist that all interventions and services be absolutely painless and as pleasant as possible for all patients. Functionality and aesthetics must be maximally improved,
so as to provide patients with security in communication and intimate situations.
Dental practice Dr. Jovan Cabunac strives to
provide patients with self-esteem and security, which are a condition for
success in everyday life and professional career

day From To
Monday 13:00 21:00
Tuesday 13:00 21:00
Wednesday 09:00 19:00
Thursday 13:00 21:00
Friday 09:00 17:00
Saturday 24:00
Sunday 24:00

Examinations :
Dental examination , Specialist examination and consultations
Conservative dentistry :
Composite fillings , Amalgam fillings , Drug application , Nerve extraction , Root canal treatment , Dead tooth whitening , Teeth fixing
Periodontics :
Plaque removal , Teeth polishing , Teeth sandblasting , Surgical treatment of periodontal disease
Prosthodontics :
Denture repair , Composite veneers , Temporary veneers , Non-metal crowns , Non-metal crowns on implant , Metal ceramic crown on implant , Temporary crown on implant , Casted upgrade , Fiberglas construction , Valplast adapted prosthesis , Composite facits , Ceramic facets
Implantology :
Sinus lift , Implant placement with a superstructure , Insertion of implants to support the complete denture , Prosthesis on implants , All on 4 implants , Dental implants Belgrade
Oral surgery :
Gingivectomy , Frenectomy , Cystectomy , Tooth extraction , Surgical tooth extraction , Ridge leveling , Surgical closure of the sinuses , Apicoectomy , Surgical removal of a wisdom tooth , Surgical tooth removal
Orthodontics :
Mobile braces , Fixed braces
Cosmetic dentistry :
Whitening of a dead teeth , Laser teeth whitening , Straightening the teeth with transparencies
Child and preventive dentistry :
Removal of soft deposits , Fissure sealing , Tooth impregnation with natrium fluoride , Extraction of baby teeth , Glass - ionomer filling for children , Composite filling for children
Rentgen :
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Belgrade Center 272.9 m
The Republic Square 256.68 m
Knez Mihailova Street 543.33 m
Skadarlija 448.87 m
Bus Station 810.8 m
Train station 770.3 m
Airport Nikola Tesla 13.38 km
Slavija Square 1.33 km
The Vuk Monument 2.26 km
Sava Center 2.35 km
Belgrade Arena 3.15 km
Clinical Hospital Centre 1.96 km
Shopping Center Usce 1.93 km
Shopping Center Delta City 4.54 km
Ada Ciganlija 6.67 km
Belgrade Fair 2.79 km
Bus station 135.53 km
Center 135.46 km
Mona 135.37 km
Lake 135.19 km
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Ski resort 144.69 km
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Market 135.62 km
Tourist Organization 134.98 km
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Adventure Park 135.68 km
Dino Park 135.69 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 136.41 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 138.05 km
Stopića pećina 132.76 km


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