Stomatološka ordinacija Dr Jovanović Belgrade, Center ~ Dunavski kej 11 Dentist

For over two decades of their existence the private clinics Jovanovic have been dedicated to providing exceptional dental services with emphasis on aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics. Since its very beginnings in 1989 the specialized clinic Jovanovic has aimed to give a whole new dimension to private dental practices.

The Primarii and specialized orthodontists, Doctors Olga and Milan Jovanovic have applied their years of experience gained in Slovenia and Switzerland to one of the first private dental practices in Belgrade. Dr Miroslav continues his family tradition and takes pride in continuously advancing his methods through application of the latest advancements in dentistry. We put emphasis on doctor-patient interactions regardless of the patient's age and high quality, professional services as well as the state of the art technology, highest quality materials and continuous advancements in professional standards. To put it simply - we just aim for the best.

Our years of experience and over 4,000 satisfied patients who trust us are our best recommendations. We are at your disposal for all dental services involving prosthetics, orthopedics of the jaw, oral surgery, teeth and mouth diseases and preventive dentistry as well as aesthetic dentistry.

day From To
Monday 11:00 20:00
Tuesday 11:00 20:00
Wednesday 11:00 20:00
Thursday 11:00 20:00
Friday 11:00 20:00
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Examinations :
Dental examination , Examinations on the weekend and holidays , First aid , Specialist examination and consultations
Conservative dentistry :
Composite fillings , Amalgam fillings , Drug application , Nerve extraction , Root canal treatment , Dead tooth whitening , Teeth fixing
Periodontics :
Plaque removal , Teeth polishing , Teeth sandblasting , Treatment of periodontal pockets , Surgical treatment of periodontal disease
Prosthodontics :
Immediate prosthesis , Partial acrylic prosthesis , Complete denture , Partial skeletal denture , Partial skeletal denture with attachments , Direct relining of dentures , Indirect relining of dentures , Denture repair , Temporary crown , Composite veneers , Ceramic veneers , Temporary veneers , Metal-ceramic crowns , Non-metal crowns , Non-metal crowns on implant , Metal ceramic crown on implant , Temporary crown on implant , Casted upgrade , Fiberglas construction , Valplast adapted prosthesis , Composite facits
Implantology :
Sinus lift , Implant placement with a superstructure , Insertion of implants to support the complete denture , Prosthesis on implants
Oral surgery :
Gingivectomy , Frenectomy , Cystectomy , Tooth extraction , Surgical tooth extraction , Ridge leveling , Surgical closure of the sinuses , Apicoectomy , Surgical removal of a wisdom tooth , Surgical tooth removal
Orthodontics :
Mobile braces , Fixed braces
Cosmetic dentistry :
Whitening of a dead teeth , Laser teeth whitening , Home teeth whitening , One seance teeth whitening
Child and preventive dentistry :
Removal of soft deposits , Fissure sealing , Tooth impregnation with natrium fluoride , Extraction of baby teeth , Glass - ionomer filling for children , Composite filling for children
Belgrade Center 1.55 km
The Republic Square 1.52 km
Knez Mihailova Street 1.39 km
Skadarlija 1.33 km
Bus Station 2.2 km
Train station 2.43 km
Airport Nikola Tesla 13.49 km
Slavija Square 3.01 km
The Vuk Monument 3.46 km
Sava Center 3.26 km
Belgrade Arena 3.58 km
Clinical Hospital Centre 3.68 km
Shopping Center Usce 2.55 km
Shopping Center Delta City 5.27 km
Ada Ciganlija 7.8 km
Belgrade Fair 4.23 km
Bus station 137.11 km
Center 137.04 km
Mona 136.96 km
Lake 136.77 km
Palisad 136.72 km
Ski resort 146.27 km
Tornik 146.27 km
Market 137.2 km
Tourist Organization 136.56 km
Čigota 137.31 km
Adventure Park 137.26 km
Dino Park 137.28 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 138 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 139.69 km
Stopića pećina 134.4 km

Apartments near by Dentist Stomatološka ordinacija Dr Jovanović

Three Bedroom Apartment Peti Belgrade Center in the heart of the Old Town, just a 10-15 minute walk to Knez Mihailova Street and Skadarlija


Location: Belgrade Center
Address: Solunska 32
Price 65 €
Guests: 6
Area of the apartment : 81 m2
Structure : Three Bedroom
Three Bedroom Apartment Peti Belgrade Center
Belgrade Center ~ Solunska 32
81 m2 Three Bedroom 6 Guests 4.0 (1)

Studio Apartment Stradun Belgrade Center


Location: Belgrade Center
Address: Dubrovacka 22
Price 35 €
Guests: 2
Area of the apartment : 22 m2
Structure : Studio
Studio Apartment Stradun Belgrade Center
Belgrade Center ~ Dubrovacka 22
22 m2 Studio 2 Guests 4.8 (13)

Studio Apartment Squeeze The Day Belgrade Center


Location: Belgrade Center
Address: Dubrovačka 22
Price 60 €
Guests: 2
Area of the apartment : 20 m2
Structure : Studio
Studio Apartment Squeeze The Day Belgrade Center
Belgrade Center ~ Dubrovačka 22
20 m2 Studio 2 Guests 0