Pizza Belgrade

Pizza Belgrade are unique in the world because it is a plenty of recognizable local flavors of Serbia. The quality od pizza Belgrade is almost the same as Italian pizza, and in addition pizza Belgrade will provide a unique set of Serbian- Italian tradition in one pan. The last decade in Belgrade contributed to a great urbanization of the city, and a lot of a pizza restaurant in Belgrade are places where most of the population consumed their daily meal. Great popularization of fast food pizza Belgrade passed many changes, so that for every taste pizza masters of true masterpieces in the form of pizza custom and desire of the customer. The widely known pizzerias that are baked pizza on firewood, charcoal, various types of oven, while some of the most famous Belgrade's Pizza, Pizza with sausage, smoked beef and smoked ham. There are lot of pizzerias in Belgrade and they are all unique, the list below will present you with some of the most famous and you leave us your comments. Pleasant!