Belgrade , Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 89
Jazbina Belgrade, Zvezdara ~ Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 89 Taverns

Tavern Jazbina is located at Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 89, while the entrance from the street Luke Vukalovića. The capital's popular cafe there for six years and during that time acquired a huge number of regular guests, and a great reputation. Tavern Jazbina is considered one of the most bohemian places in our capital city, and always delivers excellent and unforgettable time.

To its guests tavern Jazbina provides maximum enjoyment of all the delights of bohemian life. Tavern Jazbina is undoubtedly synonymous with a good time, and for your enjoyment is open until two hours after midnight. Tavern Jazbina is one of the few taverns that works seven days a week and is always there to provide you with an outstanding time. Every day tavern Jazbina offers you a different concept of time, and there are regular drink promotions. On the promotions, depending on the day, various kinds of fantastic spirits, unavoidable Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and more. What is also important to note is that even when there is no promotion, prices are very affordable and suitable for every pocket.

The interior is really meets high aesthetic criteria. Done in combination brick and wood, gives a special charm mysterious lighting. As to music, the program meets the highest standards. Tavern Jazbina their repertoire directed towards quality genre of pop, folk and old music. The repertoire as well as compositions, are always carefully selected with only one purpose: to host a tavern Jazbina are completely satisfied and not have any objections. Contractors who perform here have a lot of professional experience, the ability to easily recognize the structure of the audience and make her adjust, and therefore always create an atmosphere to remember.

Tavern Jazbina has a capacity of 160 people, and the mood is always at a high level. Tavern Jazbina often points out that she is the one place where I come in, go out with a minimum of two godmother. The atmosphere is always pleasant, and all of the guests to the waiters, ready to socialize and joy. Whenever you visit the tavern Jazbina is great and will spend what is certain is that you will not regret it.

Dan Od Do
Monday 21:00 02:00
Tuesday 21:00 02:00
Wednesday 21:00 02:00
Thursday 21:00 02:00
Friday 21:00 02:00
Saturday 21:00 02:00
Sunday 21:00 02:00

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