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Belgrade , Vojislava Ilića 86
Još Ovu Noć Belgrade, Vozdovac ~ Vojislava Ilića 86 Taverns

More Tavern This Night is on the teller, at Vojislav Ilic 86. The interior as a postcard depicting an old castle, excellent live music, the best Serbian brandy, will remind you of those forgotten by little the spirit of the former Belgrade, when the bar was a symbol all the most important events in the city and the lives of individuals.

More Tavern This night, remind you of our conspicuous bohemian and time when they were on karirarim tablecloths and violins on uvce created their best songs. A lanterns, wooden tables and chairs, the walls that have soul and reflect exactly the time for that suffering, accompanied by appropriate music, which always hits the bass track your guarantee of a good and unforgettable time.

The unusual, specific and challenging spirit that flows along this tavern More Night, will state that you relax and remember the most beautiful moments in your life when you loved, loved it the first time, suffered, cried and all the restaurant tables along with music that touches you.

The cafe More Night This drink is very good, but affordable prices, just tailored bohemian pocket. While listening to your favorite song, enjoy excellent Serbian brandy or wine and you have the ability to zamez.

In this bohemian temple, reservations are required but are free. Music that will make the old times come alive in front of you, while looking at old pictures on the walls of the cafe, you will enjoy the beats of the songs that are the symbol of a good time. The friendly staff will make you every visit to the pub remains deeply etched in the memory and you always want to get back together to play, dance and sing.

And just after the clocks more songs this night for her eyes, even this night for her face, players will tune your emotions and your mood picked up at the highest possible level. In the spirit of bohemian tradition, yet this door tavern Night, behind which will take place now let your love story, you may incur some of your love poem for you is open every day from Wednesday to Sunday. Another symbol of this night is a good time, come and spend better than ever.

Dan Od Do
Monday 24:00 24:00
Tuesday 24:00 24:00
Wednesday 24:00 24:00
Thursday 10:00 05:00
Friday 10:00 05:00
Saturday 10:00 05:00
Sunday 24:00 24:00

Belgrade Center 4.22 km
The Republic Square 4.19 km
Knez Mihailova Street 4.49 km
Skadarlija 4.09 km
Bus Station 4.36 km
Train station 3.87 km
Airport Nikola Tesla 16.61 km
Slavija Square 2.86 km
The Vuk Monument 1.77 km
Sava Center 5.63 km
Belgrade Arena 6.68 km
Clinical Hospital Centre 2.84 km
Shopping Center Usce 5.59 km
Shopping Center Delta City 7.53 km
Ada Ciganlija 8.6 km
Belgrade Fair 4.93 km
Bus station 134.5 km
Center 134.43 km
Mona 134.35 km
Lake 134.16 km
Palisad 134.11 km
Ski resort 143.68 km
Tornik 143.68 km
Market 134.59 km
Tourist Organization 133.94 km
Čigota 134.68 km
Adventure Park 134.65 km
Dino Park 134.65 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 135.33 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 136.65 km
Stopića pećina 131.38 km

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