Belgrade , Dimitrija Tucovica 88
Limun Zut Belgrade, Zvezdara ~ Dimitrija Tucovica 88 Taverns

Lemon Yellow Tavern is located near the center of Belgrade close to Vuk's Monument, at Dimitrija Tucovića No. 88 on Zvezdara.

Lemon Yellow Tavern is open all week, from nine o'clock in the morning until two hours after midnight. All this time you can use the hospitality of the staff and kitchen every day except Monday evening of great music. The real taverna starts eight o'clock in the evening, so since then begin to apply reservation.

Tuesdays are for a good atmosphere, just like on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in charge tamburaši amplified orchestra "I long for the hunt." Whenever you hear the name of the band, the guests laugh, and very often i "adorn". Wednesdays Master klavjature Darko playing folk music and singing so that after each song deserves and receives applause. Thursday time guaranteeing four guitars. Evening begins to pop - rock hitovma from the former Yugoslavia, and ends, of course folk muzka. Lemon Yellow Tavern has adjusted the prices of drinks and food for everyone's pocket. While it is a great time on Thursdays improved and action, when you can drink premium for cancer is only 99 dinars.

Tavern Limun Žut is one of the few taverns in Belgrade, which is a separate building, and the whole style of the exterior and interior in the spirit of Home. The whole pub is designed so that all located in one large room, so that the position of each table excellent and wherever you are, you're always in the spotlight.

Dan Od Do
Monday 24:00 24:00
Tuesday 09:00 02:00
Wednesday 09:00 02:00
Thursday 09:00 02:00
Friday 09:00 02:00
Saturday 09:00 02:00
Sunday 09:00 02:00

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