Pante Srećkovića 29, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zvezdara

Not far from the noisy and stinky city center near the very lungs of Belgrade, on the brink of Zvezdara forest, in a tree-lined alley, tucked in peace and thick shade, lies the ethno restaurant PAHULJICA. If you can t picture your children the scent of the homeland, to explain them how your granny cooked and what homemade food really... read more

Restaurant Pahuljica Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 08:00h to 23:00h


Carice Milice 16, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

 "Venčac" represents something that looks like a hybrid of kebab shops and restaurants, ie. the restaurant tables are nakalamljeni equipment and the grill atmosphere. Fine little place tucked away in the city center. Selection of ticks and beverage is not large, but it is quite OK. This means that the menu does not exist "some French + some more French... read more

Restaurant Venčac Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 23:00h

Maka Pakka

Maršala Birjuzova 3-5, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

“Maka Pakka” is a newly founded restaurant in the very center of Belgrade, on Maršala Birjuzova street, and it’s a fusion of a modern interior and diverse cuisine. The modern, minimal interior, paired with professional and kind staff makes for one hell of a good time. And all of that supported with excellent meals with fair prices makes “Maka Pakka”... read more

Restaurant Maka Pakka Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 23:00h

Carska Ohota

Ada huja bb, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Palilula

Mysterious Danube , ships stopping to admire the unique architecture of this rustic building, relaxing evening with the Danube tambura, a blend of past and present , peace , tranquility and luxury , the atmosphere that you will proudly recount , only a part of what you can experience here . At this particular site , they performed many celebrities... read more

Restaurant Carska Ohota Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 11:00h to 04:00h


Knez Mihailova, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Since 1958 restaurant Snezana faithfully awaits her costumers. On the crossroad of the two busiest streets in Belgrade / Knez Mihailo and Kralj Petar, for more than 50 years we serve our guest with carefully selected specialties. From her first days up to now, Snezana has stayed true to what she offers; she was and still is a café-patisserie on... read more

Restaurant Snežana Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 24:00h

Gladni Vuk

Masarikov Trg 10, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zemun

The ambiance of the restaurant , shade in summer, in winter heat is transferred to our guests who are happy to wide-ranging . Your recommendation is our advertising and we want to keep it that way . Very important it is that you feel cheated and go back again to eat our barbecue, which is adapted to the modern guest... read more

Restaurant Gladni Vuk Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 23:00h

Novi Sport

Vojvode Stepe 1, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vozdovac

On the Autokomanda at Duke Stepe No.1 , placed the restaurant ,, NEW SPORT " . Exterior of the restaurant is reminiscent of an old tavern where he gladly went for a chat , a course which is always good food and wine . In front is a garden full of greenery , which protects the restaurant guests from prying... read more

Restaurant Novi Sport Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 22:00h

Mačkov podrum

Niška, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zemun

“Mačkov podrum” restaurant in Belgrade is a unique restaurant of traditional cuisine, located in the peaceful neighborhood of Zemun, near the Zemun-Borča bridge. It was first opened in 2013., and thanks to top notch service “Mačkov podrum” became the next “it” place to go to. If you are in dire need for some peace and quiet, then “Mačkov podrum” is... read more

Restaurant Mačkov podrum Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 10:00h to 23:00h

E Book Caffe

Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 123g, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants New Belgrade

Restaurant E Book Caffe - a library in a restaurant or a restaurant in the library.   A great atmosphere with great service and a wonderful atmosphere are one of the main reasons why you should visit E Book Cafe. Restaurant E Book Cafe is one of the few restaurants in Belgrade that owns a library for a huge selection... read more

Restaurant E Book Caffe Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 07:00h to 23:00h


Magistratski trg, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Zemun

Club Pizzeria “Ze&Z” is located in the very heart of Zemun, on the Magistarski put street. It most definitely a restaurant that deserves attention for numerous reasons, the most important being the gourmet food and unique specialities. The ambiance and atmosphere is pleasant and the building which the restaurant is located in has a very interesting history. It is over... read more

Restaurant Ze&z Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 08:00h to 24:00h


Vase Pelagića 31, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Savski Venac

The largest offer of specialties of international and national cuisine with a great selection of local brandy or wine. Restoran Grafičar is located in Vase Pelegić street on Senjak. Relax in a pleasant atmosphere while enjoying the finest and most luxurious dishes that Belgrade has to offer. Hospitality is our bucket side, be guests of Graphic. In our modern, redesigned... read more

Restaurant Grafičar Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 01:00h

Mali Vrabac

Skadarska 34, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Located in the most amazing area in Belgrade, Skadarlija, Restaurant Mali Vrabac offers great food and wines, excellent staff, mythic scenery, and completely unique dining experience in Belgrade. Each night different music band will be ready to entertain you, while you enjoy some of our domestic and international meals and wines.  We also offer different arrangement for weddings, birthdays, business... read more

Restaurant Mali Vrabac Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 11:00h to 01:00h

Ribolovačka Priča

Petrogradska 18, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Vracar

We invite you to relax in a pleasant ambience of our completely renovated restaurant and enjoy delicious food and fine wine. We offer fish specialties, grilled specialties and traditional local cuisine dishes prepared using highest quality ingredients. We organize celebrations and business lunches. The restaurant is situated in a quiet street in the part of Belgrade called Vracar, near the... read more

Restaurant Ribolovačka Priča Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 09:00h to 01:00h

Riblji restoran Papalada

Francuska, Belgrade

Belgrade Restaurants Center

Fish restaurant Papalada! After 15 years of successful work on the Montenegrin coast the owner of restaurant BALUN from Rezevici, decided to open a Mediterranean restaurant PAPALADA, in the heart of Belgrade. Our seafood restaurant offers the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful scents and tastes of a wide range of meals from Mediterranean cuisine. Restaurant PAPALADA has a specific interior,... read more

Restaurant Riblji restoran Papalada Belgrade
working hours / Tuesday
from 12:00h to 24:00h