Belgrade , Kneza Miloša 65
Gea Tours Belgrade, Savski Venac ~ Kneza Miloša 65 Van Transport

Belgrade Van Transporation - Agency Gea Tours from the list Belgrade Van Transportation was founded in 1990 in autumn, at that time it was the first private travel agency in the former Yugoslavia. Due to the war and the breakup of Yugoslavia Gea Tours closed in 1991 but already in 1994 it re-opened its doors to the citizens of Serbia, but this time it offers services of air and road transport, namely the sale of airline tickets and services of van transport.
With over 50 vehicles Gea Tours is one of the best and strongest van transportations in Serbia and tht is exactly why it has a place on the list Belgrade Van Transporation. One patent of the Gea tours agency is van transportation in Belgrade from door to door, or more precisely from the desired address to the desired address.

Today Gea tours agency transports passengers to 23 sites, some of which are Capljina, Mostar, Thessaloniki region, Szeged, Neum, Nis, Rijeka, Timisoara, Trieste, Halkidiki, Padova, Opatija, Jahorina, Dubrovnik, Thessaloniki, Palic, Drvengrad, Terme Katež, Zagreb, Olympic region, Sarajevo, Kopaonik and Budapest.
With Gea Tours agency and their services of van transport you will easily arrive at the destination in style and effortlessly.
For more information visit the Gea Tours agency website.

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Monday 24:00 24:00
Tuesday 24:00 24:00
Wednesday 24:00 24:00
Thursday 24:00 24:00
Friday 24:00 24:00
Saturday 24:00 24:00
Sunday 24:00 24:00

Belgrade Center 1.5 km
The Republic Square 1.53 km
Knez Mihailova Street 1.69 km
Skadarlija 1.78 km
Bus Station 1.05 km
Train station 629.68 m
Airport Nikola Tesla 13.14 km
Slavija Square 784.72 m
The Vuk Monument 2.27 km
Sava Center 2.07 km
Belgrade Arena 3.13 km
Clinical Hospital Centre 851.44 m
Shopping Center Usce 2.12 km
Shopping Center Delta City 4.07 km
Ada Ciganlija 5.74 km
Belgrade Fair 1.74 km
Bus station 134.21 km
Center 134.15 km
Mona 134.06 km
Lake 133.87 km
Palisad 133.82 km
Ski resort 143.38 km
Tornik 143.38 km
Market 134.31 km
Tourist Organization 133.66 km
Čigota 134.41 km
Adventure Park 134.36 km
Dino Park 134.38 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 135.09 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 136.71 km
Stopića pećina 131.43 km

Apartments near by Van Transport Gea Tours

Two Bedroom Apartment Jim Belgrade Savski Venac


Location: Belgrade Savski Venac
Address: Miloša Pocerca br.3
Price 43 €
Guests: 5
Area of the apartment : 60 m2
Structure : Two Bedroom
Two Bedroom Apartment Jim Belgrade Savski Venac
Belgrade Savski Venac ~ Miloša Pocerca br.3
60 m2 Two Bedroom 5 Guests 0

Studio Apartment Haven Belgrade Vracar


Location: Belgrade Vracar
Address: Resavska 82
Price 37 €
Guests: 2
Area of the apartment : 30 m2
Structure : Studio
Studio Apartment Haven Belgrade Vracar
Belgrade Vracar ~ Resavska 82
30 m2 Studio 2 Guests 0

One Bedroom Apartment Paradise Ikar Belgrade Center


Location: Belgrade Center
Address: Resavska 64
Price 45 €
Guests: 3
Area of the apartment : 48 m2
Structure : One Bedroom
One Bedroom Apartment Paradise Ikar Belgrade Center
Belgrade Center ~ Resavska 64
48 m2 One Bedroom 3 Guests 0