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Belgrade, Surčinski put 15b, Bežanijska Kosa
Polygram plus Belgrade, New Belgrade ~ Surčinski put 15b, Bežanijska Kosa Rent a Car

Rent a car Polygram Plus Beograd is founded and located in Belgrade, national company for rent a car on serbian market. Professional approach to the customers is one of the thing that we are famous.

Rent a car Polygram Plus Beograd has huge car fleet of over 20 vehicles different class. You can find also luxury cars as well as cars middle and lower class. All our cars have kasko insurance with most contemporary equipment. Special benefits include renting a car for a longer period of time where you get a discount for renting cars for more than one day.

 All those who want to rent a car in the agency Rent a car Polygram Plus must fulfill:

- Minimum 21 years of age
- Minimum 3 years of possession of a driving license and mandatory for inspection
- Obligatory identification - identity card or passport for inspection
- Obligatory securing of deposits according to the price list of the company


Regarding the length of the rent a car, the following rules apply:

- The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours)
- The time of taken and return vehicles should be the same, with a tolerance of 60 minutes delay. Upon the expiry of this overdraft, a new rental day will be charged.


Paying rent and deposit leasing are a standard procedure that you must comply with:

- Car rental is paid when you take the vehicle, with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners, Amex), payment to the account (for legal entities) or cash
- The deposit during the lease is obligatory, and it is paid in cash
- The deposit is determined according to the price list based on the group of vehicles and the length of the lease


Please keep these rules in mind and for any additional information, please contact our Info Center or visit our Web site. Thank you in advance.

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Monday 09:00 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 17:00
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Friday 09:00 17:00
Saturday 09:00 17:00
Sunday 09:00 17:00

Belgrade Center 8.07 km
The Republic Square 8.13 km
Knez Mihailova Street 7.93 km
Skadarlija 8.48 km
Bus Station 7.45 km
Train station 7.78 km
Airport Nikola Tesla 5.42 km
Slavija Square 8.59 km
The Vuk Monument 10.08 km
Sava Center 5.9 km
Belgrade Arena 5.15 km
Clinical Hospital Centre 8.4 km
Shopping Center Usce 6.35 km
Shopping Center Delta City 3.74 km
Ada Ciganlija 3.64 km
Belgrade Fair 6.29 km
Bus station 131.2 km
Center 131.14 km
Mona 131.05 km
Lake 130.87 km
Palisad 130.82 km
Ski resort 140.33 km
Tornik 140.33 km
Market 131.3 km
Tourist Organization 130.68 km
Čigota 131.42 km
Adventure Park 131.36 km
Dino Park 131.4 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 132.17 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 134.44 km
Stopića pećina 129.13 km