Belgrade , Gvozdićeva 18
Oftalmološka ordinacija i optika lepši pogled prelić Belgrade, Zvezdara ~ Gvozdićeva 18 Oftamoloske ordinacije

In the ophthalmic office Lepši pogled Prelić you can get a complete ophthalmic examination for children and adults. In the pleasant ambience of the Zvezdara office, which opened in 2016, you will be welcomed by professional and dedicated staff who will do everything for the health of your eyes.

All types of examinations, control and monitoring of the eyesight and condition of your eyes are performed by Dr. Jasmina Prelić, an ophthalmologist with years of experience in working with patients of different ages. At the same address there is also an optical shop offering a wide range of dioptric frames and sunglasses of the world's most famous brands, high-quality dioptric glasses, as well as contact lenses.

Ophthalmic office Lepši pogled Prelić offers the following specialist exams:

- Complete eye examination for children and adults

- Biomicroscopes examination

- Determination of visual acuty

- Computer and subjective determination of dioptre

- Gonoscopy

- Measurement of eye pressure - applanation

- Fundus examination of eye

- Eye moisture test (dry eye tests)

- Check ups and free contact lenses trial

- Preventive and targeted ophthalmological examinations (for private and legal persons)

Regular eye check up is one of the most important factors for maintaining eye health, as it allows timely detection of the problem. For this reason, the ophthalmological office Lepši pogled Prelić offers a comprehensive eye check for all family members. Thanks to the use of modern ophthalmic equipment, we provide precise and correct determination of dioptre and visual acuity, as well as complete ophthalmological examination. After a detailed review, our team of experts will offer the best solution for your eye problem.

If you are looking for glasses, Lepši pogled Prelić offers a wide range of branded diopter frames adapted to all ages. With us you can find all kinds of high quality glasses that are professionally and quickly built into the frame of your choice.

If you want to keep your eyes from the sun, Lepši pogled Prelić offers the elegant and attractive models of sunglasses of the world's leading brands in line with current fashion trends. Also, we offer all kinds of contact lenses for clients who are not fans of glasses.

In order to make your view more beautiful, our office approves various payment options: checks, rates through administrative bans, cards ... Visit us and with the expert advice of our friendly staff, select only the best for your perfect vision.

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Three Bedroom Apartment Crveni krst Belgrade Vracar
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One Bedroom Apartment Vip 1 Belgrade Zvezdara
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