Intercity transportation

Here you can find a list of companies that provide you with intercity services. If you are visiting Belgrade and want to visit another city in Serbia, you will have the opportunity to call one of the offered phone numbers. You can choose a vehicle, a number of passengers and an amount of luggage and reserve an intercity carriage for yourself.

Royal Transfers

Mitropolita Pavla Nenadovića 21, Belgrade, Belgrade

Limo Services Vozdovac

"Royal Transfers" is a specialized company whose main activity is transportation of clients to desired destinations in luxury cars and vans of the last generation. The company was established in 2012 and cooperated with many companies from different countries such as Great Britain, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia.  Uncompromising orientation towards customers  and their needs are our main goal.... read more

Limo Service Royal Transfers Belgrade
+381604448905 +381644448888
working hours / Sunday
from 0h to 24:00h