Winner Smile Belgrade, Vozdovac ~ Strumička 7 Dentist

Winner smile Dental clinic provides a wide range of dental services and procedures, with particular emphasis on prosthetics and in recent years increasingly popular cosmetic dentistry. In addition to numerous dental services in a pleasant atmosphere of our clinic we offer services in the field of anti-aging program – botox and mesotherapy.
We follow the latest dentistry trends and use only the highest quality materials in our modern equipped dental clinic. Our team consists of four top-notch professionals with years of experience in various clinics and also the Military Medical Academy.

Winner smile team:
Dr spec.Vladimir Samardžić, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade in 2009, a clinical dentist at the Medical Faculty in Kosovska Mitrovica, a specialist in oral surgery.
Dr Slobodan Jovanović, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Kosovska Mitrovica, University of Pristina in 2013, worked in a team with Dr Peter Leesburg from Vienna in the field of mesotherapy and facelift, a resident of dental diseases with endodontics at the Faculty of Dentistry.
Dr Aleksandra Crnogorac, graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade, postgraduate training at the Military Medical Academy.
Dr Daliborka Krajnović, born in Sarajevo in 1975. She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Belgrade in 2001 with an average score of 8.94. She has been specialized in orthodontics since 2008.
Winner smile Dental clinic offers the following services:

  • -Preventive dentistry
  • -Conservative dentistry
  • -Implantology
  • -Dental prosthetics
  • -Aesthetic dentistry
  • -Periodontics
  • -Oral surgery
  • -Orthodontics

In modern dentistry, dental implants are the standard way of taking care of patients due to loss of one or more teeth. In our clinic, the installation of dental implants we brought to perfection, and the procedure of installation is completely safe and painless intervention. With the desire to provide our patients the highest quality, we decided to use the implant system of the world’s leading manufacturer, Zimmer ( and PI Zimmer Holdings Company (, Sweden & Martina ( ). We give a lifetime warranty for our implants .
We use high quality materials in conservative dentistry and some of them are GC (, 3M ( Kerr ( and others.
Winner smile offers complete services in the field of prosthetics. In our work we use the highest quality zirconium ceramic crowns, which brings outstanding aesthetic results. Thanks to the fact that there is no metal framework and to reflect the light like natural teeth, all-ceramic crowns are very popular in recent years. This type of crown has a distinctive way of preparation during which we use computer scanning and mechanical drafting to get incredible precision. Computerized planning of implant placement, intraoral camera, electronic apparatus for determining the length of root canals, and other latest materials and technology that we use, with the experience of our doctors and experts are in service of health care of our patients.
We also have metal-ceramic crowns Vita 13 and Ivoclar. In cooperation with our associates in the field of aesthetic medicine clinic Winner smile provides facial rejuvenation and wrinkle correction using 3D mezoniti-facelift and botox either. In addition to dental services, our friendly and professional staff will give you all the necessary advice on proper oral hygiene, which is a prerequisite for the prevention of dental diseases. Think about the health of your teeth, visit the dental clinic Winner smile.

day From To
Monday 11:00 19:00
Tuesday 11:00 19:00
Wednesday 11:00 19:00
Thursday 11:00 19:00
Friday 11:00 19:00
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed

Examinations :
Dental examination , Examinations on the weekend and holidays , First aid , Specialist examination and consultations
Conservative dentistry :
Composite fillings , Amalgam fillings , Drug application , Nerve extraction , Root canal treatment , Dead tooth whitening , Teeth fixing
Periodontics :
Plaque removal , Teeth polishing , Treatment of periodontal pockets , Surgical treatment of periodontal disease
Prosthodontics :
Immediate prosthesis , Partial acrylic prosthesis , Complete denture , Partial skeletal denture , Partial skeletal denture with attachments , Direct relining of dentures , Indirect relining of dentures , Denture repair , Temporary crown , Composite veneers , Ceramic veneers , Temporary veneers , Metal-ceramic crowns , Non-metal crowns , Non-metal crowns on implant , Metal ceramic crown on implant , Temporary crown on implant , Casted upgrade , Fiberglas construction , Composite facits , Ceramic facets
Implantology :
Sinus lift , Implant placement with a superstructure , Insertion of implants to support the complete denture , Prosthesis on implants
Oral surgery :
Gingivectomy , Frenectomy , Cystectomy , Tooth extraction , Surgical tooth extraction , Ridge leveling , Surgical closure of the sinuses , Apicoectomy , Surgical removal of a wisdom tooth , Surgical tooth removal
Orthodontics :
Mobile braces , Fixed braces
Cosmetic dentistry :
Whitening of a dead teeth , Laser teeth whitening , Home teeth whitening , One seance teeth whitening
Child and preventive dentistry :
Removal of soft deposits , Fissure sealing , Tooth impregnation with natrium fluoride , Extraction of baby teeth , Glass - ionomer filling for children , Composite filling for children
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Guests: 2
Area of the apartment : 25 m2
Structure : Studio
Studio Apartment Senza Belgrade Voždovac
Belgrade Vozdovac ~ Miklošićeva 4
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