Dentam Belgrade, Vracar ~ Metohijska 24 Dentist

Dental practice DENTAM founded by Mr sci. dr Mirjana Abramović Popović offers all types of dental services in a pleasant and relaxing ambient. 

Dental Practice was founded on 01. 06. 1988, registered on 01. 03. 1992 and licensed on 01. 05. 2009.

MSc Mirjana Popovic Abramovic, owner of the practice, is family dentist and follows the 4th generation of patients. Confirmation of her 27-year experience is "The Appreciation for outstanding contribution to the development of private dental practice in Serbia", awarded by the Chamber of Private dentists Serbia.

The ordination provides all types of dental Dental services: preventive, conservative, chirurgy, prosthetics, aesthetic and anti-aging. In pleasant surroundings, with plants, the sound of music or TV program fear and discomfort of intervention completely disappear.


After the conversation, checkup, analysis of X-rays of teeth, diagnosis is made and the work plan which includes experienced specialists in oral surgery and orthodontics, who are collaborators, and consultants, together with technical services Janjic and Aspida.

Dr Mirjana will always find the best, highest quality and financially favorable solution of your problems, taught by many years of experience in the practice. Her master's thesis is on the quality of dental care and communication with patients.

MSc Mirjana Popovic Abramovic regularly monitors all the trends of modern dentistry, both in terms of materials and in terms of method, visiting conferences, fairs, symposiums, lectures, courses, as confirmed by a large number of certificates.

Also, this dental practice is the pioneer of dental tourism. Patients are located in Canada, America, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Japan, Russia, Greece, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The ordination works on the principle of scheduling appointment, in the morning and in the afternoon, and it is also possible to contact us in case of emergency.

Belgrade Center 3.61 km
The Republic Square 3.58 km
Knez Mihailova Street 3.88 km
Skadarlija 3.48 km
Bus Station 3.75 km
Train station 3.27 km
Airport Nikola Tesla 16.07 km
Slavija Square 2.26 km
The Vuk Monument 1.19 km
Sava Center 5.05 km
Belgrade Arena 6.09 km
Clinical Hospital Centre 2.29 km
Shopping Center Usce 4.99 km
Shopping Center Delta City 6.99 km
Ada Ciganlija 8.18 km
Belgrade Fair 4.42 km
Bus station 134.62 km
Center 134.55 km
Mona 134.47 km
Lake 134.28 km
Palisad 134.23 km
Ski resort 143.8 km
Tornik 143.8 km
Market 134.72 km
Tourist Organization 134.06 km
Čigota 134.81 km
Adventure Park 134.77 km
Dino Park 134.77 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 135.46 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 136.83 km
Stopića pećina 131.56 km

Apartments near by Dentist Dentam

Three Bedroom Apartment Crveni krst Belgrade Vracar


Location: Belgrade Vracar
Address: Vojislava Ilića 41
Price 50 €
Guests: 3
Area of the apartment : 75 m2
Structure : Three Bedroom
Three Bedroom Apartment Crveni krst Belgrade Vracar
Belgrade Vracar ~ Vojislava Ilića 41
75 m2 Three Bedroom 3 Guests 4.4 (4)

Two Bedroom Apartment Gray Luxe Belgrade Vracar


Location: Belgrade Vracar
Address: Gročanska 37
Price 35 €
Guests: 4
Area of the apartment : 35 m2
Structure : Two Bedroom
Two Bedroom Apartment Gray Luxe Belgrade Vracar
Belgrade Vracar ~ Gročanska 37
35 m2 Two Bedroom 4 Guests 0

Two bedroom Apartment Laguna Vozdovac


Location: Belgrade Vozdovac
Address: Vojislava Ilića
Price 35 €
Guests: 4
Area of the apartment : 40 m2
Structure : Two Bedroom
Two bedroom Apartment Laguna Vozdovac
Belgrade Vozdovac ~ Vojislava Ilića
40 m2 Two Bedroom 4 Guests 0