Belgrade Taverns Zemun Gardoš

Zemun Gardos - The neighborhood Zemun Gardos is situated in the municipality of Zemun, New Belgrade. The neighborhood Zemun Gardos extends over a rectangular territory whose borders are streets Nada Dimic, Kej Odlobodjenja, Cara Dusana and Karamatina street. The neighborhood Zemun Gardos is one of the most famous neighborhoods for both our guests, as well as among world travelers who love to visit the neighborhood Gardoš Zemun. The neighborhood Zemun Gardos is a bohemian neighborhood that keeps the spirit of history, and is interesting to even the most uninterested guests. What makes the neighborhood Zemun Gardos popular among our guests is its beauty, location and proximity to the river Danube. The neighborhood Zemun Gardos is perfectly connected by public transportation with the rest of Belgrade and the center of Belgrade from the neighborhood Gardos can be reached in just 15 minutes. What best describes the neighborhood Zemun Gardos are narrow streets, cobblestones, the bohemian spirit that is always present, the music band players and great food and drinks. In the vicinity of the neighborhood Zemun Gardos is a variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, rafts, banks, post offices, exchange, market and shops. Therefore you have everything you may need during your stay right there, in the neighborhood Gardoš Zemun, all at your fingertips. The neighborhood Zemun Gardos has the widest variety of apartments which are fully equipped and meet the standards for even those most demanding guests. The neighborhood Zemun Gardos encompasses numerous attractions, and is itself a landmark of Belgrade. The most famous landmark in the neighborhood Zemun Gardos are the Gardos tower, Church of St. Demetrius and summer theater Gardos.