Belgrade , Ruzveltova 35
Zira Belgrade, Palilula ~ Ruzveltova 35 Shopping Centers

Belgrade Shopping Centers - Shopping center Zira from the list Belgrade Shopping Centers, with the location in the heart of the capital, only 5 minutes walk from King Alexander Boulevard and 15 minutes from the city center, unique in concept and structure, Z-shaped, consists of four inter-related segments for work, supermarket, shopping mall, office space and Zira hotel, with an underground garage parking spread across four levels with 400 parking spaces. All of this is exactly why we wanted shopping center Zira on our list Belgrade Shopping Centers.

The shopping zone extends over two floors, with the concept of the pedestrian zone, and is located above the supermarket "Super Vero", and it offers the widest variety of services, from shops of international fashion brands, accessories, shoes, underwear, technical equipment, equipment for the house, books and press, banks and ATMs, car wash, SBB, dry cleaning, playgrounds for children and a fitness center. In addition to the many and varied shops and services, shopping center Zira offers services of excellent restaurants with good service and food to its visitors. Piccolo, a restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine located in the center of the pedestrian area of the shopping center, and Zira restaurant located in the right wing of the mall Zira, a part of the hotel Zira.

Working hours for Zira shopping center are from 9am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday, and from 9am to 7pm Sundays.

Dan Od Do
Monday 09:00 21:00
Tuesday 09:00 21:00
Wednesday 09:00 21:00
Thursday 09:00 21:00
Friday 09:00 21:00
Saturday 09:00 21:00
Sunday 09:00 19:00

Belgrade Center 2.02 km
The Republic Square 1.98 km
Knez Mihailova Street 2.27 km
Skadarlija 1.77 km
Bus Station 2.45 km
Train station 2.08 km
Airport Nikola Tesla 15.1 km
Slavija Square 1.44 km
The Vuk Monument 666.98 m
Sava Center 3.97 km
Belgrade Arena 4.88 km
Clinical Hospital Centre 2.04 km
Shopping Center Usce 3.68 km
Shopping Center Delta City 6.13 km
Ada Ciganlija 7.91 km
Belgrade Fair 3.91 km
Bus station 135.77 km
Center 135.7 km
Mona 135.62 km
Lake 135.43 km
Palisad 135.38 km
Ski resort 144.94 km
Tornik 144.94 km
Market 135.86 km
Tourist Organization 135.22 km
Čigota 135.96 km
Adventure Park 135.92 km
Dino Park 135.93 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 136.63 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 138.11 km
Stopića pećina 132.83 km


Apartments near by Shopping Center Zira

Studio Apartment Lotus Belgrade Zvezdara


Location: Belgrade Zvezdara
Address: Stjepana Ljubiše 4
Price 40 €
Guests: 2
Area of the apartment : 28 m2
Structure : Studio
Studio Apartment Lotus Belgrade Zvezdara
Belgrade Zvezdara ~ Stjepana Ljubiše 4
28 m2 Studio 2 Guests 3.3 (3)

Four Bedroom Apartment Tasmajdan Duplex Belgrade Palilula


Location: Belgrade Palilula
Address: Nikodima Milasa 1a
Price 45 €
Guests: 7
Area of the apartment : 81 m2
Structure : Four Bedroom
Four Bedroom Apartment Tasmajdan Duplex Belgrade Palilula
Belgrade Palilula ~ Nikodima Milasa 1a
81 m2 Four Bedroom 7 Guests 0

Two Bedroom Apartment Dvojka Belgrade Zvezdara


Location: Belgrade Zvezdara
Address: Stjepana Ljubiše 6
Price 45 €
Guests: 4
Area of the apartment : 52 m2
Structure : Two Bedroom
Two Bedroom Apartment Dvojka Belgrade Zvezdara
Belgrade Zvezdara ~ Stjepana Ljubiše 6
52 m2 Two Bedroom 4 Guests 0