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Belgrade parking - Parking Aerodrom in Belgrade is located in the complex of the Nikola Tesla Airport along with the public garage Aerodrom (link). Across the street from the car park Aerodrom is the well-known Museum of Aviation. This car park is an ideal choice for those who travel and those who are greeting travelers. The car park Aerodrom in Belgrade has 569 parking spaces, out of which three are reserved for persons with disabilities. The parking is open and works 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The prices are really good, and every hour costs 100 dinars. In addition to one-time services of parking, parking Aerodrom offers the possibility of a monthly subscription.

Car park address - Within the airport complex
Number of parking spaces - 569
Number of parking spaces for the disabled - 3
Floors - Open type car park
Working hours of the public garage - 00 - 24 h 
Every hour - 100,00 dinars
For further information, please visit the website of the parking service.

Dan Od Do
Monday 24:00 24:00
Tuesday 24:00 24:00
Wednesday 24:00 24:00
Thursday 24:00 24:00
Friday 24:00 24:00
Saturday 24:00 24:00
Sunday 24:00 24:00

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