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For all those who like to travel, whether for business or pleasure the best solution is to provide yourself with a safe and secure transfer of vehicles from the terminal to the parking lot. Airport Parking Spot is the ideal solution for you and your car. It is located just a few minutes from the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, near the terminal.The prices are very reasonable and affordable, and the service is more than excellent. Make sure your car is in safe hands. Airport Parking spot offers all its customers a number of benefits and advantages. If you leave your vehicle here, you can also get a link to follow the video surveillance in the garage where your car was left, and when you pick up the vehicle, you will receive 9 pictures from various angles of your car. The parking lot is well equipped, fenced and bright, so it is an ideal place where you can leave your car while going on a flight. Address: Sremskih Partizana bb, Surcin Picking up the car at the terminal is 500 RSD For a period longer than 40 days, the price of parking per day is 200 RSD Parking hours - 00 - 24 h

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Belgrade Center 12.36 km
The Republic Square 12.42 km
Knez Mihailova Street 12.21 km
Skadarlija 12.77 km
Bus Station 11.74 km
Train station 12.06 km
Airport Nikola Tesla 2.18 km
Slavija Square 12.86 km
The Vuk Monument 14.35 km
Sava Center 10.19 km
Belgrade Arena 9.43 km
Clinical Hospital Centre 12.62 km
Shopping Center Usce 10.63 km
Shopping Center Delta City 8.02 km
Ada Ciganlija 7.15 km
Belgrade Fair 10.49 km
Bus station 129.16 km
Center 129.11 km
Mona 129.01 km
Lake 128.84 km
Palisad 128.79 km
Ski resort 138.26 km
Tornik 138.26 km
Market 129.26 km
Tourist Organization 128.65 km
Čigota 129.4 km
Adventure Park 129.33 km
Dino Park 129.38 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 130.19 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 132.79 km
Stopića pećina 127.47 km