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Blok 44 Belgrade, New Belgrade ~ Jurija Gagarina bb Market Places

Belgrade Market Places - Blok 44 market place from the list Belgrade market Places is located in the eponymous block in New Belgrade, a favorite place of purchase for Newbelgraders. In 2011 the Blok 44 market was reconstructed in a completely new look with a canopy over the pylon on the  market plateau, with an area of ​​3200 square meters.

In addition to the reconstruction, it was given a new building with 10 shops and 408 new stalls. All the area under the new awning is air-conditioned and had  systems for sprinkling installed. Blok 44 market is under constant video surveillance. Blok 44 market places is one of the most popular from the list Belgrade market places.

Towards Jurija Gagarina Street in the bottom of the market of Block 44 in Belgrade, a new  market square with an area of ​​3500 square meters was built. This is where every Saturday selling organic food is held. In addition to greens, vegetables and fruits in the market Block 44 is quality local meat, fish and dairy products are bought as well. There is a separate dairy hall with stalls that sell various types of meat, cheese and other dairy products.
Sellers are mostly from Smederevo, Paracin and the Leskovac environment.

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Monday 06:00 19:00
Tuesday 06:00 19:00
Wednesday 06:00 19:00
Thursday 06:00 19:00
Friday 06:00 19:00
Saturday 06:00 19:00
Sunday 06:00 19:00

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Location: Belgrade New Belgrade
Address: Jurija Gagarina 225
Price 38 €
Guests: 4
Area of the apartment : 44 m2
Structure : One Bedroom
One Bedroom Apartment Don Vito Belgrade Novi Beograd
Belgrade New Belgrade ~ Jurija Gagarina 225
44 m2 One Bedroom 4 Guests 5.0 (1)