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Belgrade Attractions - The White Palace from the list Belgrade Attractions is located within the court complex, together with the Royal Palace, on the highest part of the neighborhood Dedinje, at the estate of 135 hectares in size. In 1936 the construction of the Royal Palace was completed by the plans of architect Aleksandar Djordjevic. The White Palace from the list Belgrade Attractions was renovated and rebuilt after the Second World War and finally furnished and equipped for today's purpose.
Today. the palace complex, to which the White Palace belongs to is used for residential purposes.

The construction of the Royal Palace began with King Alexander I, in 1934, who, with his own funds financed the construction, with the desire and the idea to build a residence for his offsprings, however, he never lived to see the completion of the building. The White palace was finished by Prince Pavle, who, as a big and knowing connoisseur and art lover equipped the White Palace with valuable works of art.
Along with the palace the kitchen and garage were built, which are connected to the central object by an underground tunnel, and before the start of World War II an underground hideout was built as well. After the World War II the White Palace served as a residential building in which they held numerous ceremonies and received respected and important guests from abroad.
Various legends and mysteries are related to the palace complex, with the most interesting one is about the residing of Marshal Josif Broz Tito. Particularly, there is a story that when Marshal Tito moved in he ordered that all the emblems of the family Karadjordjevic have to be removed or if that is not possible covered with the red star, the sign of the communists, and it was done, there are still traces and evidence of this legend.

A large number of works of art was removed, sold or destroyed, only the three pieces that someone secretly hid in the attic, including the portrait of King Alexander I, survived the Communist rule of Marshal Tito. But the biggest mystery is the legend of the grave of Davorjanka Paunovic, Tito's greatest love, who he supposedly buried under the soil of the royal complex, and often visited her grave.

The chambers of The large lounge and dining room of the White Palace had a crucial role in the recent history of Serbia as a place where important decisions were made. During the dictatorial presidency of one of the most hated presidents of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, the White Palace was used for political activities, both internally and internationally.
The last head of state to officially be hosted at the White Palace was Alexander Lukashenko, in 1999, when in the Formal dining room of the White palace a document was signed that paved the way for the signing of the Military Technical Agreement in Kumanovo, which ended the armed conflict of NATO and SRJ that was initiated on 24th of March 1999.

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