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Belgrade Attractions - Terazije Fountain from the list Belgrade Attractions is located at Terazije, in front of the famous hotel Moscow, it was built in 1860 as a symbol of the return of Prince Milos Obrenovic to the throne. Terazije Fountain from the list Belgrade Attractions was made by the sculptor Franz Loran, it is an obelisk in its form, a pillar with a metal vase on top. 

 It was built out of limestone stone from Tasmajdan, and consists of three segments. On the second cubic segment its facade is decorated with a lion's head in a circular medallion from which water flows, this decoration is also done in Tasmajdan limestone. The top of the obelisk is decorated with relief decoration with floral motifs and Romanesque blind arcades. The fence of the pool was done in the Gothic style with elements of a pointed arch. All four sides of the obelisk carry the initials of Milos Obrenovic and the date of commencement of construction and the return to the throne.

Since 1860, Terazije fountain stood at Terazije for nearly half a century, however, during work on the regulation of Terazije, between 1911 and 1912, it moved to the churchyard in Topcider, and from there it was returned, albeit not to the same place, but very near, to the area in front of the hotel "Moscow" where it stands to this day.
In the previous place of the Terazije fountain, before it was built there was a water tank in the shape of a tower, which served as a system for simultaneous allocation and distribution of water in Belgrade.

Its historical, artistic and urban values ​​are high, especially bearing in mind the fact that the whole street was named after the Terazije fountain. Before the Terazije fountain the square was called the Crown Prince's Square, Kralja Milana street, Kneza Milana street, and only in 1940 it received the title of Terazije.

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