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Belgrade Attractions - The gate and tower from the list Belgrade Attractions are named after one of the greatest Serbian rulers who tried to leave an indelible mark on the panorama of the White city. That i when Belgrade first became the capital of our country, and the magnificent palace that he built was considered one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe. Unfortunately, today, only ruins testify to this.

When the coming to the space of the Upper Town from the direction of the Zoo, you come to the most genuine medieval atmosphere of the Upper Town - the Despot’s tower and Despot's gate.

Despot's Gate or Gate of Despot Stefan Lazarevic, is often referred to as the Upper East gate. In the Middle Ages, when the area of ​​the Upper Town was home to the beautiful palace of Despot Stefan, this gate was the main entrance of the Belgrade fortress. Together with the northeast rampart it represents the best preserved segment of the medieval Upper Town, from the first half of the 15th century. The Despot's Gate is the only gate of Belgrade fortress, preserved in its original form. It is specific in that it is located within the double walls, and consists of two gates, an internal and external gate. The inner gate had a defensive balcony, below which there is a niche for the patron of the city icon. The gate is reached via the drawbridge that was placed over the trench that had a defensive function. Beside the gate is a massive tower that stands out as a vertical accent in space.

Despot's tower is located within the Despot's gate on the north-eastern rampart of the fortress. It was built in the 15th century, during the reign of Despot Stefan at the same time as the Despot Gate. Often referred to as the Dizdar tower because in the second half of the 18th century a dizdar - commander of the fortress lived in it.
Near the tower, a monument to Despot Stefan was erected in 1981. Dizdar's tower was heavily damaged in the bombing of Belgrade in 1915 and was reconstructed in part in 1938. 

Today the Dizdar’s Tower is home of the Observatory and the Astronomical Society "Rudjer Bošković", there are telescopes that are on its top  and they are a special attraction for all visitors.


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Belgrade Center 1.21 km
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Čigota 136.43 km
Adventure Park 136.38 km
Dino Park 136.4 km
Monument to the firing Partisans 137.13 km
Waterfal - Gostilje 138.87 km
Stopića pećina 133.58 km

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