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Belgrade Attractions - St. Mark's Church from the Belgrade Attractions was built between 1931 and 1940, but the outbreak of World War II stopped the construction, during this period only construction work has been carried out but nonetheless worship was conducted during and after the war, up until 14th of November 1948. On 14th of November the Patriarch Gavrilo Dožić performed consecration of the temple from the list Belgrade Attractions and the temple was officially opened for worship.

St. Mark's Church was built in Serbian-Byzantine style, on the model of the monastery of Gracanica. The external façade is polychrome, in several colors, but the sheer size of the building is grandiose and magnificent. Above the entrance door to the outside on the facade is a mosaic icon of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Marko, from 1961 the work of Veljko Stanojevic. St. Mark's Church is spread over 1,150 square meters, and its nave can accommodate up to 2,000 worshipers, with a choir gallery for over 150 singers. The interior of the Church of St. Mark is still not completed.
The iconostasis of the temple was done by the project of Zoran Petrovic, professor, and is made of marble while the icons that adorn it are made in mosaic technique and work of hand are of Djura Radlović, an academic painter. The iconostasis was made between 1991 and 1992 while the icons on it were finished in 1998. In addition to the iconostasis the altar table was done in marble as well, and decorated with small mosaics on the front.
To the right of the main altar there is a much smaller altar of the Holy Despot Stefan Lazarevic, while on the left there is an altar dedicated to the feast of the transfiguration of the Lord.
The tomb of Emperor Stefan Dusan is located along the south wall, done by the project of Dragomir Tadic, in marble, where the remains of Stefan Dusan were brought from the Monastery of the Holy Archangels and laid to rest. Across the tomb of Emperor Stefan Dusan the tomb of Patriarch German was built, done in the same style with marble.

In the middle of St. Mark's Church copper chandelier is located, made according to the project Dragomir Tadic and made by Dragutin Petrovic, sculptor.

The crypt is located under the Church of St. Mark, it was furnished in 2007 and in it are the remains of Metropolitan Teodosije, Bishop of Nis Viktor, Bishop of Sabac Gavrilo and Bishop of Timok Mojsije. Beside them in the crypt are the remains of King Aleksandar Obrenovic and Queen Draga, Ana Jovana Obrenovic, of Prince Milan M. Obrenovic, prince Sergius M. Obrenovic, as well as the tomb of the founder of the old temple, Lazar Panča.

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