Wellness Spa

Every pleasure-focused trip has to include a visit to a first-class wellness spa center. Unwinding in a Jacuzzi, detoxing in a sauna, a delightful massage or one of various other treatments that guarantee relaxation and a complete revitalization of all senses. Blissful effects of hot water and aromatic massage oils act as a perfect remedy for physical and mental strains after a long day. Only one hour in such an environment removes all traces of tension, clears your mind and leaves you feeling vigorous and ready for all future challenges. Belgrade offers a multitude of high-quality spa centers, and we've chosen only the finest ones that are sure to put a smile on your face.

LOTOS Wellness Spa

Zmaj Jovina 4, Belgrade

Wellness Spa Center

LOTOS Wellness Spa is located in the very heart of Belgrade, in Zmaj Jovina street number 4. Whether you need therapy, crave relaxation or just want to feel like royalty, we have everything your heart desires. Marvelous massages, organic facial and body scrubs, aromatherapy, stretching, shiatsu and of course Jacuzzi and sauna. Our experienced team of experts is there to... read more

Wellness Spa LOTOS Wellness Spa Belgrade
working hours / Monday
from 11:00h to 23:00h