Belgrade Nightlife Beograd, Centar ~ 2 Klubovi

Just across the centuries-old Belgrade fortress, Kalemegdan, the Sava and Danube rivers confluence pulse with a vast array of music and competing bass beats, while the city lights dance on the water. When the sun goes down, Belgrade takes life thanks to the many restaurants, pubs and discotheques, including the peculiar floating river clubs, called “splavs” or “splavovi”.

Belgrade nightlife is known as one of the most entertaining in Europe. In fact, Belgrade is surely the party capital of the Balkans and one the favourite weekend destinations for many people coming from the surrounding countries, such as Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina, who are well aware of the fact that Belgrade equals guaranteed fun.

More recently, the good vibes of the Serbian capital became famous at a global level, as proven by a credible source like the Times, which in 2008 published an article titled “Europe’s best nightlife in buzzing Belgrade”.

Every club has a distinctive personality and music style: from Serbian folk music to the most pioneering techno beats, there is something for everyone. 

If you are aiming at dancing all night long, here are some tips to party like a local:

1. Keep in mind that most of the clubs require a reservation;
2. Show up around midnight and exploit the  previous hours to warm up at a restaurant or a pub;
3. Be aware that in Serbia it is normal for smoking to be allowed even indoors;
4. Don’t forget to try some typical “rakija”;
5. Consider that clubs are in most cases open until 4:00am and you will easily find a taxi right in front of the club or call one of the many taxi services.

Ready to go?

Dan Od Do
Ponedeljak 0 24:00
Utorak 0 24:00
Sreda 0 24:00
Četvrtak 0 24:00
Petak 0 24:00
Subota 0 24:00
Nedelja 0 24:00

Karakteristike :
Plaćanje karticom , Besplatan parking , Slobodan ulaz , Kokteli , Domaća pića
Cena :
Živa muzika :
Ponedeljak , Utorak , Sreda , Četvrtak , Petak , Subota , Nedelja
Vrsta muzike :
Pop , House , Folk , Electrohouse , R n B , Rock , Disco , Funk , Lounge , Hip hop , Electro , Dubstep , Dance , Jazz , Soul , Blues , Trap
Beograd Centar 933.27 m
Trg Republike 978.78 m
Knez Mihailova 697.37 m
Skadarlija 1.25 km
Autobuska stanica 135.59 km
Železnička stanica 1.4 km
Aerodrom Nikola Tesla 12.33 km
Slavija 2.35 km
Vukov spomenik 3.44 km
Sava centar 1.67 km
Beogradska Arena 2.15 km
Klinički centar 2.8 km
Ušće Šoping Centar 985.1 m
Delta City Šoping Centar 3.74 km
Ada Ciganlija 6.2 km
Beogradski Sajam 2.72 km
Centar 135.53 km
Mona 135.44 km
Jezero 135.26 km
Palisad 135.2 km
Skijalište 144.75 km
Skijalište Tornik 144.75 km
Pijaca 135.69 km
Turistička organizacija 135.05 km
Bolnica Čigota 135.79 km
Avantura Park 135.75 km
Dino Park 135.76 km
Spomenik streljanim partizanima 136.49 km
Vodopad - Gostilje 138.23 km
Stopića pećina 132.94 km

Apartmani u blizini Klub Belgrade Nightlife

Dvosoban Apartman Rakoč A12 Beograd Centar


Lokacija: Beograd Centar
Adresa: Cara Lazara 9
Cena 65 €
Gosti: 3
Kvadratura : 40 m2
Struktura : Dvosoban
Dvosoban Apartman Rakoč A12 Beograd Centar
Beograd Centar ~ Cara Lazara 9
40 m2 Dvosoban 3 Osobe

Dvosoban Apartman Rakoč A32 Beograd Centar


Lokacija: Beograd Centar
Adresa: Pariska 14
Cena 75 €
Gosti: 3
Kvadratura : 60 m2
Struktura : Dvosoban
Dvosoban Apartman Rakoč A32 Beograd Centar
Beograd Centar ~ Pariska 14
60 m2 Dvosoban 3 Osobe

Jednosoban Apartman Znak Pitanja Beograd Centar


Lokacija: Beograd Centar
Adresa: Kralja Petra 8
Cena 38 €
Gosti: 3
Kvadratura : 25 m2
Struktura : Jednosoban
Jednosoban Apartman Znak Pitanja Beograd Centar
Beograd Centar ~ Kralja Petra 8
25 m2 Jednosoban 3 Osobe