Discover Belgrade

Belgrade is not only Knez Mihailova, Kalemegdan, Skadarlija... This city has a lot of untold stories for each of its street, every monument, river and park. These stories can be read here, in a completely different way. See Belgrade through our eyes and learn all you may not know.

07 Oct 2022
Discover attractive apartments in Belgrade that provide additional services, visit them and enjoy the charms of the Serbian capital.
15 Sep 2022
Get to know the Belvil neighborhood, explore its features and advantages and enjoy one of the most luxurious parts of Belgrade.
05 Oct 2021
Ten cheapest apartments in Belgrade - best offer for your Belgrade rest. This blog shows you how many things you can see in Belgrade
11 Aug 2021
Get to know the Roomateor internet portal, explore all properties, offers and benefits and enjoy the comfort of your new home.
02 Aug 2021
Get to know one of the best moving agencies, explore all the offers and services and provide yourself with a hassle-free relocation.
14 May 2021
Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and a professional team of the highest rank in ophthalmology, Sveti Vid will quickly solve your eye problem.
25 Apr 2021
For all those who live in Belgrade and those who want to spend a weekend in the capital, we have singled out ideas so that they can afford a vacation.
17 Dec 2020
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