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  • Years ago, Belgrade was one of the most visited locations in Europe. Countless tourist attractions, quality activities, and many exciting things are just some of the reasons for many visitors to this Serbian capital. Although until recently, a large number of tourists gravitated towards the central part of the city and looked for accommodation there, the situation slowly began to change. Thanks to the significant development of the town and quality offers of accommodation units outside the center, Belgrade's peripheral neighborhoods are becoming increasingly popular and sought after.

    The main advantage of such settlements is the adequate distance from major city events, often accompanied by noise and crowds. This way, tourists can rest and enjoy a quiet part of the city. Also, their good connection with the city center caused many people to prefer to start their tour of the capital from the outskirts.

    Thanks to the quality development of the peripheral settlements, they are small towns within the city today. In other words, almost all peripheral territories contain everything needed for a quality and fulfilling stay. Tourists will not have to go to the more urban parts of the city to do shopping, try traditional specialties, or take a walk in the park since almost every neighborhood on the outskirts already has that.

    Today, Belgrade can boast of many peripheral settlements, and only some of the most popular and visited ones are Ledine, Borca, Krnjaca, Zarkovo, and Vidikovac. Quality content, numerous attractions, and opportunities for various activities characterize them. Because of the excellent organization and the handful of options they offer, the peripheral settlements in Belgrade are ideal places for renting out apartments today.

    Borca - a quality vacation on the banks of the Danube

    Borca is an urban settlement located on the left bank of the Danube and belongs to the municipality of Palilula. It is one of the oldest settlements in Pancevački Rit, which has led to Borca's vibrant history that goes back to the 3rd century. B.C. Since Borca is one of the largest settlements in Belgrade, it is not surprising that more and more tourists choose to stay here. A large shopping center, many cafes, restaurants, and shops, as well as several parks and walking paths, have caused Borca to become one of the favorite tourist spots in the city.

    What to do in Borca?

    Today, Borca can boast quality amenities and an excellent standard of living. The settlement has a large Stop Shop shopping center, where tourists can shop in Planete Sport, Bonatti, Extreme Intimo, Deichmann, N sport, and many others. In addition, Borca abounds in cafes for leisure, such as Caffe Bar Familio, New Happy Land, and Caffe Lagano, as well as traditional restaurants for tasting local specialties such as Srpsko Andrejevo Selo, Lajka Restaurant and Vila Andjela. Today, the settlement has more than ten parks for recreation, walking, and entertainment, including Vista's Park, City Oasis, Vizelj Park, and many others. Also, in the vicinity of Borca, you can enjoy a walk along Zemunski Kej, a tour of the natural lake Veliko Blato or swim at the famous Lido beach.

    Accommodation units in Borca - guaranteed pleasure

    Borca is only 7 kilometers from Belgrade, which laid great foundations for tourism development here. Every year countless tourists choose Borča as a starting point for a city tour, regardless of the season. The apartments and flats for rent in Borca are modern and newly built and provide guests with maximum enjoyment. The prices are incredibly favorable, and it is possible to find an apartment starting from 25 euros, such as apartment A 57. In Borca, it is possible to find apartments of different square footage, and tourists can enjoy studio and four-room apartments. Some of the best accommodation units in Borca are the Gardenn and Green Art House apartments.

    Krnjaca - a place surrounded by greenery

    Like Borca, the Krnjaca settlement rests on the Danube and is connected to Karaburma and the rest of the central part of the city via the Pancevo bridge. Due to such a high-quality location, Krnjaca is an excellent location for living and tourism development. It is located in the municipality of Palilula and is only a few kilometers from the city's heart. Apart from Belgrade, Krnjaca is also connected to Zrenjanin due to the presence of the Zrenjanin road.

    Activities and facilities offered by Krnjaca

    Although considered a smaller settlement, Krnjaca is highly convenient since it offers many outdoor activities. The Veliko Blato lake is in the immediate vicinity, with three smaller lakes and a pond. Plant species such as orchids grow around these places, and due to the great importance of the lakes, they are under state protection. Apart from this, the other most famous sights of Krnjaca are the Church of Sveti Luka, the Old Church, and the Flower Market.

    That Krnjaca is an excellent choice for a tourist stay is also shown by the fact that here you can find a large Metro Cash and Carry shopping center and many cafes and restaurants, such as Kafe Zale, restaurant Dobar Znak, Sve na drvce, Da Luca Pizzeria Due and many others. There are several parks for recreation and walking in Krnjaca, and the most visited are Neca park, Mali Vuk park, Krnjaca park, and Astra park. One of the most visited facilities in Krnjaca is the Flamingo resort, a hotel with a swimming pool, spa and wellness amenities, a gym, and many other services. In addition, in Krnjaca, you can find several gas stations, various auto repair shops, and other essential facilities.

    What kind of apartment units can be found in Krnjaca?

    The apartments located in the area of the Krnjaca settlement are characterized by cleanliness and tidiness, which is why they are a frequent choice for tourists. In Krnjaca, finding an apartment for 30 euros per night is possible. Each will offer tourists comfortable beds, fast and stable internet connection, and additional amenities such as smoking, pets, etc. The most visited apartments in Krnjaca are the Lucic apartments, which are modernly equipped with the latest furniture and appliances.

    Ledine - a modern Belgrade settlement

    Due to its fantastic location, Ledine has quickly become a definite favorite location for one or even more overnight stays in the Serbian capital. The settlement of Ledine is located in New Belgrade and partly in the municipality of Surčin, which guarantees excellent connections with different parts of the city. The payment was founded around 1960, and the development has been on an upward trajectory since then. Today, it is a modern settlement whose accommodation units are one of the most developed in the entire city.

    The rich content of the Ledine settlement

    The settlement of Ledine is made up of neat blocks of residential buildings, among which there are parking lots, pedestrian zones, playgrounds for children, and various devices for recreation. Ledina also includes the famous Aqua park Hollywood, which has unique content designed for fun on the water at any time of the year. The great advantage of the settlement is that it is located near the Nikola Tesla airport, which is only 10 minutes away by car.

    In settlement of Ledine, you can shop in larger retail chains such as Sunce, Maxi, and Dis, and a sizeable Chinese shopping center is also available. There are many catering facilities within the settlement, and some of the most popular ones are the pecenjara kod deda Stavre, restaurant Asia and the pecenjara Stara Bezanija MBN.

    Ledine offers modern and attractive accommodation units

      The settlement is dominated by peace, and it is the ideal choice for all tourists who come to Belgrade in search of such conditions. Since this settlement is more modern and newer, tourists can find a perfect price-quality ratio here. You can choose apartments with various spa amenities such as a jacuzzi, sauna, or hydromassage tub, enjoy luxurious apartments with a swimming pool or rent accommodation with slightly lower prices. In the settlement of Ledine, it is possible to find quality accommodation starting from 35 euros. Some of the most popular accommodation units are Villa Relax, apartments Ledine and My Garden Lili.

    Zarkovo - an ideal option for a peaceful vacation

    Zarkovo is located on the territory of the municipality of Cukarica and is one of Belgrade's most famous peripheral settlements. The exciting history of Zarkovo and the legends associated with it often attract the attention of the citizens of Belgrade, as well as many tourists. Namely, the settlement of Zarkovo got its name from the knight Zarka, who defended the payment from the grandmother Julina Zmaj. Julina brdo is precisely where the grandmother supposedly lived. Apart from history, the location of this settlement is also attractive since it is connected to several units, such as Banovo brdo, Julina brdo, Kosutnjak and Bele vode.

    Contents of the Zarkovo settlement

    Today, the village of Zarkovo has many markets, such as Super Vero and Maxi, where you can buy reasonably priced basic groceries. Catering establishments such as Good Food Zarkovo, Kod Ive, Basilico Pica, and Pizza Plus are among the most popular in the area. Walking through the Jovan Ducic, Momcilo Gavric, and Krajiskih Brigada parks is possible through the settlement. Near the payment is the Kosutnjak swimming pool, and the Zarkovo Sports Hall and the DIF Archery Club are also available for recreation.

    Accommodation units in Zarkovo guarantee comfort

    Because of all this, the settlement attracts many tourists who find their accommodation units right here. Apartments for rent in Zarkovo are primarily located on Zmajevacka street, while their price starts from 25 euros per night. However, in Zarkovo, it is also possible to find luxury apartments, such as the New Moment Lux apartment, which offers its visitors a jacuzzi, modern furniture, and quality rest. Zarkovo will offer its visitors neat, new, and well-equipped apartments that provide rest on the city's outskirts.

    Vidikovac - a synonym for comfortable accommodation

    The village of Vidikovac is located in the territory of the municipality of Rakovica. It got its name from the lookout, from which there is a view of a large part of eastern Belgrade. In the last few years, the village of Vidikovac experienced a real upswing regarding the equipment and development of the tourist offer. Due to its proximity to the central part of the city and all the options it offers, today, the settlement is teeming with tourists who come here every day.

    Vidikovac offers recreational opportunities for all ages

    The village of Vidikovac today has well-developed urban transport lines and many facilities that complement the time spent by tourists. BIG Rakovica is located not far from the settlement itself, and here tourists can shop in stores such as dm drogerie, De Facto, Fashion&Friends, Forma Ideale, and many others. Vidikovac market is one of the most visited attractions on weekends, while for recreation, there are also Zabac Bowling and several basketball courts. The village of Vidikovac is considered the youngest tourist, and there are several playrooms here, such as the Lilliput playroom and the ZoomZoom playroom. During the winter, the youngest can also have fun on the large ice rink set up in front of McDonald's.

    Apartments in Vidikovac - affordable and rich offer

    Due to all the mentioned advantages of the settlement, it is not surprising that tourists adore this part of the city. Since the village of Vidikovac is about 10 kilometers from the center of the capital, it provides tourists with a peaceful stay and a quality vacation. The apartments at Vidikovac are located within massive solitaires, and their interior is fully decorated and equipped with all the necessary appliances and objects for a stay. Apartment prices in Vidikovac start from 30 euros, as with the Studio 24 apartment. Many apartments offer amenities such as smoking, free parking, and pets.

    Since Belgrade's peripheral settlements are the future of tourism in the Serbian capital, it is not surprising that their development is on an upward trajectory every day. Although the city center, famous locations, and various points of interest should not be missed when coming to Belgrade, it is important to rest after an active day in the capital and be ready for the next sightseeing tour. The peripheral Belgrade settlements will provide such a vacation, and it is up to you to book an apartment in one of them and see for yourself.

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