Additional income when renting out apartments - These are ways to increase your income

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  • Short-term real estate rental is one of the most profitable businesses you can make money from, as evidenced by the fact that this is the only source of income for some. If you are willing to develop the offer and turn your apartment into a tourist project ready to please even the most demanding guests, you can double the income from renting out the apartment. We bring you proven tactics and tips from experienced owners below.

    Why it is imperative to be a part of an affiliate program

    Your greatest collaborators on the way to additional income will be colleagues from the tourism and hospitality industry, with whom you can create an affiliate network. This type of cooperation means that you will earn a percentage every time you bring a new guest or client to one of your associates. This may include:

    • Cooperation with owners: In situations where a potential guest contacts you with the aim of booking your accommodation in a period when it is occupied, you earn by connecting them with an owner who offers accommodation of the same or similar rank and is available during that period. You will refer the guest to that owner, who will fill your wallet with the commission.
    • Cooperation with local businesses: Does the destination where your apartment is located offer a number of attractive restaurants that tourists are happy to return to? Maybe it is popular in the field of dental tourism, or is it especially loved by young people because of its good nightlife? Use its full tourist potential! Get in touch with the owners of restaurants, clubs, dental offices, private clinics or those who offer a limo service ideal for guests on a business trip and earn a percentage of every booking that is made by your recommendation. Practice your negotiation skills and provide your guests with attractive discounts and additional benefits!

    Food in the apartment is always a good decision

    When a guest hesitates between private and hotel accommodation, the breakfast option is often a decisive factor. Continental breakfast is standard in this case, and it is not difficult to include it in the offer of the apartment, even if you have no experience in this type of hospitality. You can charge for the breakfast service at your discretion, and on average the prices range between 5 and 10 euros per day. Whether you decide to purchase and prepare food in your own organization or perhaps catering delivery for which you can agree on a discount in the name of long-term cooperation, at the end of the day additional earnings are guaranteed.

    Another type of service that you can offer in your apartment is the delivery of groceries from the market, which you can do yourself if you have time or order through various courier and food delivery services. This type of service is becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to reservations for 7 days or more.

    Provide transportation services to guests

    Transportation from the airport and back is an increasingly current option offered by the owners, which will especially appeal to foreign tourists, as well as guests who use your apartment while on a business trip. Rent a car is often one of the first things that guests with an extensive tourist list will provide for themselves, so don't miss the chance to grab some extra income. This type of service also leaves room for a tip if you plan to do it yourself.

    Tourist activities and private tours for a complete travel experience

    If you know your area well and want to try your hand at the role of a tourist guide, this is an ideal opportunity for that. The same applies if you are in a tourist-specific area where you can offer guests activities that are not found every day, which is not uncommon for apartments in more rural or mountainous areas. This can be guided walking tours around town, going fishing in your boat, hiking and bear watching, harvesting medicinal herbs, horseback riding or other animal interaction and the list is endless as long as you are creative. If you offer your activities at average prices or even cheaper than the competition, you will quickly see concrete earnings.

    In case this sounds tempting to you, but you don't have time to do it yourself, you can always turn to tourist organizations or agencies and establish mutually beneficial cooperation with them. Also, if you lack time for this type of activity, taxi online Belgrade is a great place to find partners or get information about how scheduling vehicles works, especially those with lux benefits.

    Private tours will be especially interesting to couples and guests who came on a family trip, so keep that in mind when planning activities.

    Eco-friendly as a new standard

    Did you know that 6 out of 10 travelers are willing to pay a higher price for accommodation that invests in sustainability and ecological alternatives? This trend in tourism will only continue to grow, so maybe it's time to consider introducing recycling options in your apartment, replacing commercial brands of cosmetics and hygiene products available in the apartment with organic ones, enriching the space with plants or even installing solar panels.

    Improving services and refreshing the space itself is always a good idea, regardless of whether you want to invest extra money back into the business or create other business opportunities for yourself. Adapt these ideas to your needs, look for others on social media or recognize them in the needs of your guests and the number of zeros on the bill is sure to grow


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