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Everything you didn't know about New Belgrade. New Belgrade, or as it's known here, Novi Beograd, is one of the 17 Belgrade municipalities. As one of the newer parts of the city, most of it was built during the period of socialist Yugoslavia after World War II.

There used to be just a large swamp without any traces of malls and skyscrapers we associate with it today. With the help of youth work brigades, on April 11th 1948 the foundations for New Belgrade were laid. New Belgrade is set on the left bank of river Sava, and its northeast parts are lying on the right bank of river Danube. It is connected to the rest of Belgrade by bridges Gazela, Branko's bridge, Old Sava bridge (Stari savski most) and a bridge over Ada Ciganlija. If you are visiting Serbia for the first time and are wondering where to stay in Belgrade, New Belgrade just might be the perfect place for you. 


Through decades, Novi Beograd has become a city for itself - with over 200 skyscrapers, and with more than 600 large buildings that include famous shopping malls Delta City and Usce, Belgrade Arena, Sava Centar, Hala Sportova and the Museum of Modern Arts, just to name a few, where you can enjoy numerous cultural and sporting events, etc.​


New Belgrade

Despite it's tall buildings and wide roads, New Belgrade is one of the more "green" municipalities in Belgrade with it's spacious municipal lawns, parks and playgrounds along with with promenades by the rivers Sava and Danube, where people like to go for a stroll with their friends and family. There, you can also find one of the most popular places in Belgrade for a memorable night out on the town - the legendary "Splavovi". If you try to translate the word "Splavovi" you will find out that it translates as "Rafts" which at first may seem a bit odd. These are actually nightclubs set along the river bank and are some of the largest and most visited clubs in this part of Europe. If clubbing is your scene and you live for memorable nights out with your friends, you absolutely have to pay a visit to these clubs, you will not be disappointed.

Some other advantages of New Belgrade are the vicinity of the Nikola Tesla International Airport as well as international highways, and an abundance of public transportation options. As well as the fact that it is surrounded by two beautiful rivers. 

In recent year New Belgrade has seen tremendous growth in the social-private sector, with many of the world's top tech companies choosing to place their headquarters for Serbia right there. If you are planning to visit and want to stay in this part of the city, be sure to check out our list of New Belgrade apartments for rent that will enable you to experience the life inside these truly fantastic and unique buildings. We are certain you will be able to find an apartment that will suit your needs. 


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