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  • One of the most promising and, at the same time, newer parts of Belgrade is New Belgrade, located on the northern bank of the Sava River. Although some parts of New Belgrade were inhabited during Turkish rule, mass settlement and urbanization of this part of the city began after the Second World War. With extraordinary speed, this part of Belgrade is becoming a city in a town. Today, it is the municipality with the most greenery and a great perspective of the entire town.

    New Belgrade touches several other municipalities from all sides. It is connected to all parts of the city by as many as six bridges and numerous city transportation lines. It is located northwest of the old part of Belgrade, i.e., the municipalities of Stari Grad and Savski Venac. It is connected to them by Brankov Most, Gazela, Stari Savski Bridge, Stari and Novi Železnički Bridge, and Ada Ciganlija Bridge. The European road E-75 passes through the center of New Belgrade, making it well-connected with the rest of the city and the country.

    Pogled na Novi Beograd

    Today, New Belgrade is one of the most popular destinations in all of Belgrade. It is known as a business center, where more and more firms and companies are directed since there are several business centers on the territory of New Belgrade. The facilities of New Belgrade enable a quality and comfortable life. Many primary and secondary schools, colleges, shops, shopping centers, catering facilities, children's playgrounds, and many others exist.

    The most famous settlements in New Belgrade

    Since Novi Beograd is today considered the most dynamic settlement in the entire city, several settlements have sprung up within the municipality, making up important business centers. Thanks to the quality position of New Belgrade, different locations on its soil favored the creation of settlements that, with their contents, offers, and opportunities, offer great potential for developing a business career, cultural assets, and everyday life.

    Belleville settlement - An ideal place to live and work

    One of the most popular parts of the entire city is Belleville, a neighborhood that many characterize as ideal for lifelong residence and business career development. Belvil settlement is located in Block 67, not far from the Sava quay and between the streets of Jurija Gagarina, Spanskih boraca, Djodje Stanojevic, and Dr. Agostina Neta. Today, Belleville has about 5,000 inhabitants, and it is characterized by a large amount of greenery and a variety of facilities that provide residents with an easy and comfortable life.

    Settlement Belvil

    In addition to business buildings, in the Belleville neighborhood today, you can find many residential buildings that are fully furnished and suitable for a quality life in the capital. All apartments have a separate parking spaces, and in front of the buildings are well-maintained parks and playgrounds for children. In the vicinity of the Belleville settlement are several shopping centers, a promenade by the Sava River, and many restaurants and shops.

    Savograd - Business center near Usce

    Savograd is a city district in the municipality of New Belgrade. This neighborhood is located within Block 20, between Hyatt and Kontinental hotels, and between Sava Center and Geneks Apartments. It was built in 2010, and half of the buildings located here are business premises, while the other half are intended for residential buildings. In addition, there are several restaurants, a fitness center, and several parks within Savograd.

    Airport City - Center of business events in New Belgrade

    The largest business park on New Belgrade's territory and the entire city is the famous Airport City, located in Block 65. It borders the settlements of Bezanija and Bezanijska kosa. The old Belgrade airport, in the Dojno polje location, is close to this location. Airport City is often called a city within a city, and today it is characterized by the most modern construction technology.

    A blok

    The combination of light colors on the buildings and the presence of many shops, catering facilities, and green areas have caused A block to become one of the most popular and sought-after places to live in New Belgrade. A partnership was built at the end of 2019 and is located in block 67a, close to the Delta City shopping center. The complex contains everything you need for a comfortable life - retail shops on the ground floor of the buildings, parking on two levels, and large green areas filled with playgrounds for children and walking paths.

    A Blok

    Accommodation units in New Belgrade - Perfect vacation for everyone

    Just as New Belgrade has progressed for a short period in terms of culture and business, its tourist potential is growing yearly. The apartments that can be rented in New Belgrade are located near all the popular attractions in this part of the city, while the connection with all other factors is effortless and straightforward.

    All apartments in New Belgrade are equipped with the necessary devices and furnishings, while many of them will offer you several additional benefits. In parts of the city, such as Belleville or A block, you can count on a safe parking space and brand-new and high-quality furniture. All apartments provide comfort and convenience, and the proximity to major city events will be another reason tourists choose this part of the city. Below we offer you several apartments in New Belgrade that were rated best by guests.

    Apartment Paku 3 - comfort and convenience in one place

    Studio apartment Paku 3 is a renovated accommodation unit near Stari Mercator and Hotel Jugoslavija. This apartment is suitable for two adults, ideal for couples in love. In the apartment, you will find everything you need, starting from quality dishes and appliances in the kitchen area, through facilities such as high-speed Internet and many cable channels, all the way to a complete cosmetic offer in the bathroom. There is a free parking lot in front of the building, and the proximity of the Danube Quay is ideal for all those who like recreation and walking in nature. One night in this apartment will cost 40e.

    Apartment Paku 3

    Apartment Tata - accommodation in heart of A Blok

    Located in an attractive location of Blok A, this studio apartment will suit all tourists who want to enjoy the luxury and sights of the city. The apartment is located on Urosa Martinovica street, on the third floor of the building. The apartment is equipped for two people and has a comfortable double bed. This accommodation unit is fully equipped with all devices for a quality stay, and guests will also have access to a parking space. The price of a night is 50e.

    Apartment Tata

    Apartment Daja - quality vacation for everyone

    Two-room apartment Daja will provide you with a quality vacation and be surrounded by luxurious buildings of Block A and Belleville. The apartment is located on the second floor of the building and is fully equipped for a maximum of 4 people. In this accommodation unit, you can use all the appliances offered by the kitchen, the comfort of the sofa bed in the living room, and all the necessary cosmetic products in the bathroom. The parking surcharge is 5e. A night in this luxury apartment will cost guests 60e.

    Apartman Daja

    Catering facilities in New Belgrade - Feel the authentic flavors of the city

    The excellent position of New Belgrade and the proximity of both rivers made it one of the most visited parts of the city. To please all tourists and other Belgraders who spend their free time here, New Belgrade is full of catering offers that will satisfy everyone. On the soil of New Belgrade, it is possible to try some of the most delicious traditional recipes, while on the coast, guests will be able to enjoy fresh catches of fish and Mediterranean specialties.

    In addition to restaurants that offer good food and a great atmosphere, cafes, and rafts on the banks of the Sava and Danube are unavoidable. They reflect the authentic representation of Belgrade, and their nightlife is worth every attention. The service in cafes and rafts provides the first-morning coffee by the river, the favorite delicacies of all Belgraders, and good times and entertainment that will be remembered.

    Restaurant Tornik

    Traditional and local cuisine tastes will be offered to all guests at the Tornik restaurant, located in the Fontana shopping center in New Belgrade, on Pariske Komune Street. Restaurant Tornik offers its guests authentic traditional specialties, tasting of quality types of wine, and a fantastic atmosphere with excellent staff at your disposal. Here you can enjoy warm appetizers such as various soups, grilled dishes, or a salad meal, all of which will complement a homemade apricot or quince salad.

    Restaurant Tornik

    Tanker Pub & Restaurant

    Tanker Restaurant and Pub are located on Omladinskih Brigada Street, not far from the city municipality of New Belgrade. The abundance of greenery on the terrace characterizes this restaurant and gives it complete authenticity. The Tanker restaurant is an ideal option for all those who want to enjoy popular flavors with the company, such as great burgers, pizzas, different salads, pasta, or risotto. The excellent atmosphere will be complemented by popular music sounds, which will complete the ambiance.

    Restaurant Tanker


    If you walk along the Sava Quay, the Godo raft will provide you with absolute relaxation with your favorite shake and a view of the sunset. Splav Godo has a great atmosphere, and you can enjoy unique salty and sweet specialties. You can also enjoy this raft on the terrace, which will complete the atmosphere. If you still can't visit it, please order some of the best specialties here since delivery is always available. In addition, the Godo raft offers its guests the organization of various types of celebrations of their choice.

    Restaurant Godo

    As is the case with all other spheres of business and tourism, sales facilities on the territory of New Belgrade also experienced their expansion. Shopping centers in New Belgrade are located in their busiest parts, so transportation to them is effortless. Each shopping center is full of different shops, many catering facilities, and facilities for entertainment and leisure.

    Shopping center Usce

    Indeed, the most famous shopping center in New Belgrade, but perhaps in the entire city, is the Usce shopping center, the second largest in Serbia and the region. The estuary is located close to the Branko bridge and the roads leading to Stari Grad and Zemun, so it is highly accessible and visited. Ušće is a center of sound and quality shopping and a place for quality time spent with loved ones. It extends over six levels and contains over 150 shops, restaurants, bars, arcades, and supermarkets. In addition, the Cineplexx cinema, a multiplex cinema with 11 screens, is also trendy.

    Tržni centar Ušće

    Delta City Mall

    The second most popular shopping center in New Belgrade is Delta City, located in Block 67, between the Belleville neighborhood and A block. It comprises about 130 buildings, including various domestic and foreign manufacturers' shops, a multiplex cinema, playgrounds for children, restaurants, cafes, and other facilities. Delta City has a parking lot with 1,200 spaces, which makes it highly developed and frequented.

    Shopping Center Delta City

    Mercator shopping center

    The Mercator shopping center is one of the first modern shopping centers in the entire country, and it was opened in 2002. It is located near the municipality of Novi Beograd, in Block 65. Today, this shopping center contains about 70 shops, and it also has a post office, a bank, a dry cleaner, a hair salon, a car wash, a fitness studio, a flower shop, and several cafes and restaurants.

    Piramida shopping center

    The Piramida shopping center is located on Jurija Gagarina Street, in Block 44. It has an open concept and consists of several buildings, and it is designed as a pedestrian zone surrounded by diverse bars, boutiques, shops, and various specialized shops. Parking within this shopping center is free. This shopping center is no longer so popular since the famous shopping centers Delta City and Usce are nearby.

    Tourist potential of New Belgrade - What to visit?

    When it comes to the development of tourism in this part of the city, New Belgrade can boast of a vast and high-quality tourist offer. Many will say that the way of life in New Belgrade is much different than in other parts of the city and that the people of New Belgrade are the most relaxed residents of the town. Everyone will like their temperament and hospitality, and the location and attractions here will convince you that New Belgrade is one of the most beautiful parts of the Serbian capital.

    Park prijateljstva - One of the most beautiful parks in the city

    Park prijateljstva is one of the city's largest parks, located in the local community of Usce. The park includes many green areas and overlooks the Sava and the Danube. It is one of the favorite places of all Belgraders for recreation, walking, and hanging out with friends. The park was officially opened in 1961, and today in its central part, is the Alley of Peace with the Eternal Fire memorial obelisk. This landscape is further complemented by rows of plane trees, contributing to the beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

    Park prijateljstva

    Enjoy the sunsets on the Sava Quay

    This famous Belgrade promenade has been one of the most popular meeting places in the city for years. It is located on the left bank of the Sava River and occupies space in Blocks 70a, 70, 45, and 44. On the south side of the Sava quay are Ada Medjica and Ada Ciganlija, which can be reached by boat. Until the sixties of the 20th century, this part was completely inaccessible due to the dense forest. In addition to the landscaped promenade, grassy areas are suitable for various activities. At the same time, the famous rafts are a protective part of this part of the city.

    Savski guay

    Explore the elegance of the West Gate of Belgrade

    The Genex Tower is today one of the main symbols of the development of the Serbian capital. Another name of the Geneks tower is the West Gate of Belgrade, and today it is a residential and commercial building located in Block 33. The name West Gate of Belgrade Geneks was given because of its location in the western part of the city, i.e., the then end of the town. The Government of Serbia included the building in the register of cultural assets of our country.

    Geneks Kula

    This detailed and comprehensive guide to the characteristics, beauties, and features of New Belgrade will help all tourists and visitors to dive deep into all its parts and discover New Belgrade from a completely different angle. Almost everyone returns to it thanks to all the innovations, business opportunities, and tourist attractions. To get to know Belgrade as well as possible, the advice is to start from its youngest municipality and get to know the mentality of the residents, all the attractions, and the smell of newspapers that will delight you.

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