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  • Apartment on the day of Belgrade at this time is a category that can rightly be called the pride of Belgrade. The reasons for this are numerous. First, the offer of apartments is extremely wide. This immediately means that the different tastes and desires of tourists can be easily satisfied. Furthermore, all accommodation facilities are of excellent quality: equipped, modern, comfortable, tidy. This important category makes the days spent in the capital of Serbia days of rest, relaxation and stress relief. The third and very important thing is the distribution of facilities in all parts of the city. This means that you can find tailor-made accommodation regardless of whether the center of Belgrade, Voždovac, New Belgrade or Čukarica suits you best.
    Last but not least - a wide range of accommodation prices. Wide offer, great competition, appearance and quality of accommodation, and the number of luxury amenities and locations affect the fact that for a night in the apartment it is necessary to set aside from 30 to 150 €. This means that according to your possibilities, you can spend the night in a luxury apartment with a jacuzzi or in a comfortable facility, which has no additional amenities, but which will certainly provide everything you need for a quality stay.
    In order to show you that for very little money you can fully enjoy the charms of the city center or all its important parts, we have selected from the entire offer of apartments in Belgrade ten facilities that you can rent for only 10 €, while getting full service.

    Ten apartments in Belgrade with the most affordable prices

    Below you will find apartments that show the ideal ratio of price and quality, which will allow you to have all the beauties of Belgrade at your fingertips, and for very little money. For the price of a room in a hostel, you get an entire apartment with separate rooms and the necessary accessories. The facilities are available in all parts of the city, so you will have the opportunity to choose and match the accommodation with all your wishes.

    Cheap apartments in the center of Belgrade

    The two most affordable apartments on Republic Square - great accommodation in a perfect location. Belgrade has never been more accessible!

    Guest house 3

    Guest house 3 - apartment in the center of Belgrade, on the corner of Knez Mihailova street. The apartment is available for two people and can be rented for 25 € per day. So, you get an apartment in the very center of the city for only 1450 dinars per person. Although it is a studio apartment, it has a separate bathroom, coffee maker and refrigerator with mini bar. For a very low price you get great accommodation in the best location.

    Vasina 1

    Vasina 1 - a very high quality building in Vase Čarapića Street, central Belgrade street. By renting this apartment, you will be on the Student Square, across from the park, the faculty and many catering facilities and places for nightlife. A day in this facility costs 30 €. Since it is ideal for 3 people, it is available for only 10 € per person. At this price you will enjoy the comfort and modern design of the apartment, which has a separate bedroom, available for rest and relaxation.

    What does the city center offer?

    The center of Belgrade offers facilities that are different in their structure, so it is certain that the time spent in this part of the city will be very fulfilled. If you are a nature lover, you have at your disposal landscaped and spacious green areas: Student Park, green areas of Kalemegdan and the renovated Duke Vuk Park, which also has a children's playground with seesaws and swings. If you are more for visiting cultural facilities, just a few minutes from the apartment there are numerous museums and cultural monuments: National, Ethnographic and Pedagogical Museum, Republic Square - the central square with a statue of Prince Michael, across the street from the National Theater. Of course, an important advantage is the proximity of the faculties: Philosophy and Philology, as well as the Rectorate of the University of Belgrade within the famous Captain Misha's building. For all lovers of good time, drinking cocktails in beautiful gardens and trying gastronomic specialties, we recommend: traditional restaurants Vuk and Proleće, the famous confectionery Hari's Creperie, cafe Boutique or Square Five Bar. These were just short excerpts from the entire offer provided by the center of Belgrade. There is no doubt that the time spent here must hurry to take advantage of everything that is offered to him.

    Two most affordable apartments in Zvezdara

    Below we have selected two apartments in Zvezdara with the best price-quality ratio. With numerous contents and attractions, Zvezdara is one of the best choices for a Belgrade vacation.


    Tref - apartment of as much as 80m2, which you can rent for only 30 € per day. Considering its area, the building can accommodate as many as 6 people, which means that per person for booking an apartment should be allocated only 5 €. In addition to the extremely affordable price, this apartment also has a great location - it is located just a few minutes from the Vuk's monument. In addition, it contains a terrace, which offers a beautiful view. Tref is one of the best apartments in the entire offer when it comes to value for money.


    Queen - great offer in a quiet part of the center of Zvezdara. The apartment is located in Dmitrija Katića Street, parallel to Dimitrija Tucovića, one of the central Zvezdara streets. A day in this very carefully arranged facility is 29 €, or less than 10 € per person. In addition to the affordable price and great location, the advantage of the apartment is modern furniture, great design and yard, available only to guests of the apartment.

    Facilities offered by Zvezdara

    Zvezdara is rightly one of the most sought-after parts of Belgrade for renting apartments and living in general. The size of the settlement allows the offer of apartments to be extremely wide, and the facilities that are part of this Belgrade municipality additionally affect its desirability. The most famous part of this settlement is certainly the monument to Vuk Karadzic, one of the main landmarks of the city, a meeting place and a center where city transport to all parts of Belgrade intersect. Right next to the monument is the Cyril and Methodius Park, an ideal place to relax in a real Belgrade atmosphere. The park houses the student dormitory of King Alexander I, better known as Lola, a space where thousands of exemplary students found their home. For all lovers of cultural content, we also recommend Zvezdara Theater, one of the highest quality theaters in Serbia.

    The cheapest apartments in New Belgrade

    Our warm recommendation for a cheap and quality stay in New Belgrade are the Hollywood and Bg Arena apartments. You can afford much better moments for very little money.


    Holivud - an ideal choice if you need accommodation near Nikola Tesla Airport. Apart from the proximity of the airport, the advantage of this apartment is the economy - its price per day is 28 €. It can accommodate three people, so the price per person is about 9 €. Impeccably decorated, spacious, with separate rooms, terrace and free parking, will ensure you a perfect stay.

    Bg Arena

    Bg Arena - comfort in the most beautiful part of New Belgrade. The facility is located near the Stark Arena, not far from the shopping center Usce, and only a few minutes drive to the city center. The apartment is one of the most beautifully decorated spaces from the New Belgrade offer of facilities. It is a studio suitable for two people, in which a night costs 30 €. All rooms are equipped with the necessary appliances, and by renting the facility you get free parking. By booking it, you get everything you need to spend a perfect weekend with a loved one.

    New Belgrade - a collection of various types of activities, attractions and localities.

    First of all, New Belgrade is a meeting place for various business activities. This influenced the development of business centers that have become a kind of symbol of New Belgrade, among which the most popular are: Airport city, Yu Business Center or Genex. Apart from business, the symbols of New Belgrade are also shopping malls. You can find a large offer of various shops, cinema and other entertainment facilities in the shopping centers: Ušće, Delta city, as well as the Pyramid in Block 44.
    Also, New Belgrade offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports, cultural and entertainment facilities. You can follow sports activities in the famous Stark Arena, you can visit cultural events in the Sava Center or the Museum of Contemporary Art, while in the center of New Belgrade there is a large selection of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs. The beautifully landscaped Sava Quay is in charge of very interesting daily activities and enjoying nature.

    Luxury apartments in Vozdovac at very reasonable prices

    Voždovac offers a large number of equipped and modern apartments. From the wide offer, we have singled out two that are the most affordable when it comes to price. Quality vacation is guaranteed!

    Lux Regina 2

    Lux Regina 2 - well equipped and very affordable facility. This apartment can be rented for only 7 € per person, and is ideal for a group of four people. It is located in the center of Voždovac, in Vojvode Stepe Street and is certainly one of the best apartments by many criteria. Beautifully decorated, modern, housed in a new building, this apartment will provide all the amenities for very little money.

    Oaza Mira 

    Oaza Mira - Autokomanda, Bulevar Oslobođenja. Apartment of 60m2 in the central part of Voždovac is available for only 30 € per day. Given the area, it can accommodate four people, which affects the very low rental prices per person. Staying in this facility you will get peace, the opportunity to enjoy the furnished garden, free parking and many facilities nearby. This is more than a good offer!

    Reasons to stay in Voždovac

    One of the largest municipalities in Belgrade offers a variety of facilities and an excellent offer of luxury apartments at affordable prices. This is one of the Belgrade settlements that generally offers the most affordable accommodation prices, and so many opportunities for various activities. By staying in this part of Belgrade, you will be in the immediate vicinity of the faculties: Traffic, Faculty of Organizational and Political Sciences. Voždovac also offers green areas, separated from the city crowds and supplied with clean air. Among the most famous and largest are: Miljakovačka and Banjička forests, Voždovacki park, as well as green areas along Ustanička Street. Of course, the two biggest attractions in this part of the capital are the two biggest Serbian football stadiums: Rajko Mitic Stadium and Partizan Stadium, where you can watch the most popular sports matches. From the gastronomic offer, we single out the restaurants Dušanovački cvet and Kovač. A small excerpt from the Voždovac offer and a description of the two most favorable apartments are sufficient indicators of how good and safe this part of Belgrade is for a stay.

    Quality and cheap apartments in Vracar

    The most desirable Belgrade location, in addition to plenty of content, also offers excellent apartments. Below are two that you can rent for very little money, while getting all the necessary comfort.

    Lovac 33

    Lovac 33 - apartment near Slavija Square, Temple of Saint Sava, which can be rented for only 7 € per person. The apartment is extremely well equipped and comfortable, so it can accommodate 4 adults. Its price is more than favorable if all the advantages of the location and arrangement of the apartment are taken into account. For so little money, you will enjoy one of the most modern and attractive parts of Belgrade. For a total of € 30 you will get Belgrade in the palm of your hand!


    Palata - a modern two bedroom apartment near the Kalenic market, available for an incredible 25 €. Extremely good location of this apartment and its excellent interior appearance combined with the price make this facility a perfect place to relax. Thanks to a separate bedroom, the apartment can accommodate four people and allow them to enjoy Belgrade if each of them invests only € 6. Left for last, this apartment represents the best of the best offers.

    Vracar is rightly the most attractive part of Belgrade

    Vracar deserves all praiseworthy epithets because everything it contains makes it a location extremely suitable for quality time. Its center is certainly the Temple of Saint Sava, an imposing building that delights hundreds of tourists and visitors every day with its style and size. Karadjordjev and Tashmajdan Park are in charge of clean air and rest, which provide space for children's entertainment, cafes within it and a lot of greenery. There is no lack of cultural and scientific content, so in Vracar you can visit the Nikola Tesla Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Belgrade and Yugoslav Drama Theater, and there are also faculties - Law and Technology. An indispensable part is the Technical Students' Club (KST), the place of the best student parties in Belgrade. In addition to all this, one of the main features of Vracar are modern restaurants and cafes, whose service can stand side by side with the service of the most luxurious hotels. Cvetni trg, one of the most beautiful places in the heart of Belgrade, is especially famous for that. This is an ideal space to enjoy a coffee with friends, in beautiful cafes of different types and offers. Vracar deserves many more sentences and descriptions, but we believe that this is enough to get an impression of why it is worth being in Vracar and how much this part of Belgrade has to offer.

    With this text, we wanted to show how Belgrade can really be accessible, but also how much a stay in it can provide. Whichever part you decide for, it is certain that the time will be spent very well, and you will want to come again and visit what you did not do the first time. Belgrade requires more than a day of attention. A whole year is not enough to get to know and use all its charms!

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