Belgrade is a city with a rich history, full of talented artists, poets, writers, painters, actors, sculptors and many other artists . Everything you want to know about art, here you'll find. Cultural events, theatrical performances, promotion of books, films and exhibitions of famous painters, in one city, on one site.

01 Oct 2021
Weekend in Serbia is perfect opportunity for you to get some rest and enjoy peaceful atmosphere.
22 Sep 2021
When it comes to the immediate surroundings of Novi Sad, the mountain Fruška Gora is, of course, an unavoidable location and is very worth mentioning. Fruška Go
03 Mar 2020
Festivals in Belgrade are fun for every age. They are a great opportunity to learn, see and get to know the world with other eyes!
14 Feb 2018
or the 6th year in a row, Belgrade will have the honor of hosting a festival that promotes the vibrant culture of Ireland.
13 Oct 2017
It's alive! Come to Belgrade and witness the opening ceremony of the museum of contemporary art.
06 Oct 2017
Ever wondered what you might find in this city with a big heart? Well, here's a Belgrade tourism 101 you'll need to check out.