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  • Novi Sad is one of the most prominent cities in Serbia and the largest economic and trade center of the northern part of the country. Novi Sad simply captivates with its position, various sights, size and natural beauty. In addition, Novi Sad is the largest city in the Vojvodina province and its main administrative center. For a long time, Novi Sad was one of the main cultural, industrial and economic centers of Serbia. Another beauty of this city is its specific location. Novi Sad lies on the banks of the Danube River, and the surroundings of this city are equally beautiful and rich in sights and places that are really worth visiting and enjoying all their charms first hand.

    Fruska Gora

     When it comes to the immediate surroundings of Novi Sad, the mountain Fruška gora is, of course, an unavoidable location and is very worth mentioning. Fruška gora is the only mountain in this predominantly flat area. In the last few years, the tourism of Fruška gora has started to progress significantly. The fact that a part of this island mountain has been declared a national park of the highest value speaks of how important Fruška Gora is and how much natural blessings and beauty it possesses.

       National park



    Fruška Gora National Park is an ideal place for relaxation and rest for all generations and throughout the year. Untouched, rich nature, clean air, beautiful lookout, diverse fauna as well as peace and quiet away from the city crowds and crowds, are just some of the advantages that this Vojvodina mountain in northern Serbia can offer to its many guests. Fruška gora is full of interesting sights and indeed, many beautiful things can be seen and discovered on it. This mountain also has a landscaped area for camping which is an ideal place for all those who want to enjoy its natural charms. Camping with the unavoidable company of family and friends, as well as the beautiful nature of this place, will make a vacation on Fruška gora one of the truly unforgettable experiences.

    The popular ethno village Vrdnik, the fortress at the very top of the mountain, the Irish Wreath and the widely known picnic spot that was the driving inspiration for many prominent Serbian writers, Strazhilovo, are definitely locations that every guest of this beautiful region should visit at least once in their life. Due to all of the above, it can be said with certainty that Fruška gora is an unavoidable vacation spot that will suit all generations and as such offers plenty of content for all its visitors.


    Ethno village Vrdnik


    Over time, the ethno village Vrdnik has become one of the most visited attractions in this area. Its untouched nature, surrounded by rich Fruška Gora forests and the proximity of the medicinal spa Vrdnik are certainly very good reasons why you should visit this increasingly popular settlement.

     Ethno village Vrdnik contains the entire tourist complex whose main attraction is the Vrdnik tower, as well as a number of modern, very well decorated and equipped apartments in traditional ethno style, made of natural materials, a perfect combination of wood and stone. The tower is located on a hill of Fruška gora, can be seen from afar and once served as the entrance tower to the town of Vrdnik, in the immediate vicinity of the main entrance gate. It was built in Roman times and its main role was to defend Srem and its surroundings from various enemies. Unfortunately, the tower was destroyed and destroyed during the Hun wars, but they managed to rebuild it over many years and today it has become an unavoidable place for all tourists who regularly visit this famous ethno settlement.


      The tower is reached by a winding and steep forest path that will take you through the rich and untouched forest areas of this area. In addition to the masterful lookout from the top of the tower, you can go down to its interior, and the oldest inhabitants of the village of Vrdnik sincerely believe that under the tower there are still undiscovered, underground labyrinths. Many unusual legends circulate about this tower and its remains today. To this day, her remains have remained very well preserved, and the view that extends from her is truly unreal. The lookout from the top of the tower will leave all visitors breathless. If you climb to the top of the tower, you will see a fantastic view of all the beauties and blessings of Fruška Gora. From the top of this tower, Fruška Gora will be in the palm of your hand and you can enjoy the very pleasant, fresh air and various vegetation, which is a real balm for the eyes. Nearby is the old, famous monastery Vrdnik, better known as Mala Ravanica, which we also warmly recommend you to visit.

    Another of the many advantages of this settlement is its isolation and congestion. If you want a little quiet time for yourself, spent in clean, fresh air, this is an ideal location. Peace, silence and the smell of pines and conifers will make your vacation on Fruška Gora unforgettable. Immediately below the Vrdnik tower, at its foot, the ethno settlement Vrdnička kula was built, which consists of a very well and luxuriously equipped hotel, as well as a series of separate wooden bungalows.

    Monasteries Frushka Gora



        The surroundings of Fruška gora are really rich not only in beautiful nature, but also in our most important and biggest sights. The monasteries located in the immediate vicinity of this mountain represent an important and indispensable part of our culture and history. Therefore, you should wisely use the periods of annual vacations and holidays and go on a tour of some of the greatest shrines and cultural monuments of our country. These monasteries represent an indispensable part of Serbian culture and rich heritage and as such, they are truly invaluable. Unbelievably beautiful landscapes, forest complexes, diverse flora and fauna only further complete the beauty of Fruška gora and all the monasteries in this area.




    On this mountain you can visit seventeen monasteries and each is special and unique in its original way. Likewise, each of them forms an essential part of our cultural identity and our lavish tradition. In just one day, it is almost impossible to visit all the monasteries, so our warm advice is to extend your vacation on this mountain for a few more days. It will definitely be worth it.

            Novo Hopovo is, perhaps, the most famous monastery in this region and is located on the southern slopes of the mountain, not far from the road to Irig. This beautiful monastery dates back to the very end of the 15th century and is the endowment of the Serbian despot Maksim Brankovic. Novo Hopovo is a cultural monument of exceptional importance for Serbian culture and tradition. One of the characteristics of the New Hop is the rustic use of gold paint on the wall frescoes. That technique and nuance were something completely new, different and innovative during the time in which they were created. The greatest wealth and at the same time the greatest shrine of this monastery, which has been diligently preserved for centuries, are, of course, the relics of St. Theodore Tyrone, which are located in the church. Saint Theodore was a Christian saint and great martyr who was cruelly thrown into prison, tortured and then sentenced to death. His holy relics have been in this monastery since the 16th century.

          The Rakovac Monastery was also built at the end of the 15th century and is the endowment of the great despot Jovan Branković. Unfortunately, during the restoration of the church, its oldest frescoes were destroyed and erased from the walls, but the church received a richly carved iconostasis and new frescoes, painted with the most modern artistic techniques of the time. In the Second World War, this monastery suffered significant suffering and demolition, but during the following years they managed to restore it and give it a new life and appearance, so that to this day it remains one of the most prominent buildings of Serbian culture.

               The Velika Remeta Monastery is another in a series of sights of Fruška Gora. It is located on its southernmost side and is hidden deep inside the mountain. It is dedicated to Saint Demetrius, whose name the church of the monastery also bears. Within the monastery there are two spacious stone chapels and a baroque bell tower dedicated to St. John the Baptist. The monastery is still in a very good and preserved condition, and the main church is surrounded on all sides by beautiful sleeping quarters. Another interesting thing is that this monastery has the highest bell tower in the whole of Srem on its property.

           If you decide to visit some of our greatest shrines and historical monuments of Serbian culture and tradition, be sure that all the monasteries in the vicinity of Fruška gora are the right place for you. In addition, a tour of these important locations will provide almost all of its visitors with much-needed peace, away from the city crowds.

    Novi Sad farms

      In addition to all the beauties of Fruška gora and its surroundings, as well as famous monasteries, places that are very worth a visit and that promise a good time and relaxation are the well-known farms in Novi Sad. Traditional Vojvodina cuisine and good wines are an integral part of staying on farms. These authentic rural households still survive in their full splendor in these lowland areas and their owners strive every day to maintain and preserve their rustic, traditional style as best they can. Lately, Vojvodina farms have become a real attraction and as such have become an indispensable and very important part of tourism in northern Serbia. Unfortunately, the best time was left behind. Today, farms have become popular restaurants that are proud of local specialties and in which a good atmosphere, cheerful music and unforgettable are almost guaranteed.

              In the vicinity of Novi Sad, you can find several very interesting and hospitable farms on whose estates you can spend even a few days. The nature itself and the authentic spirit will make you enjoy all the Vojvodina specialties and charms even more. Cenej is one of the settlements near Novi Sad, which in a very special way preserves the spirit and tradition of Vojvodina, and in its vicinity there are several beautiful farms.

                Brka's farm is widely known for its excellent cuisine and great hospitality. It is located only 6 kilometers from Novi Sad and is very easy to find. In addition to the standard offers, this farm offers you the best entertainment for children and an adventure park made especially to meet all the needs of the youngest guests. A special attraction are the small ponies that are located in the fenced yard. They are very tame and friendly and will beautify your entire farm experience with their presence.

          The farm, with a specific name, 137 is certainly one of the most famous farms in the Vojvodina region. It has a very authentic, it can be freely said, creative look, which makes all guests feel special. The farm is painted in blue and white shades with rows of colorful chairs and a lot of antique items. The Slaša restaurant is open to all visitors throughout the year and offers numerous, traditional local specialties on its menu. In addition, if you want to organize private celebrations, this farm leaves you open opportunities for that as well.

     In another well-known Becej in Vojvodina, there is a hidden and tucked away village farm Vujić. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this farm provides its guests with daily peace and a relaxing holiday. It is surrounded by pine trees, firs and has a very nicely landscaped yard where you can enjoy the best wines and homemade food. The farm is very spacious and in its structure, in addition to cafes, restaurants, has a fenced property with a beautiful, flower garden that captures the attention of all guests. With delicious music, good wine, guests are often accompanied by traditional tamburitza players with their live music and are generally very happy to fulfill every musical wish of their listeners.

    Wineries Novi Sad



    Speaking of the many benefits of Fruška Gora, it is inevitable to mention its fertile land rich in rows of the highest quality vines. Fruška Gora and its surroundings have had a well-known wine tradition for centuries. Wines from this area have become famous throughout Europe over time.
            One of the best wineries is the Kovačević winery, located in the beautiful ambience of a glass dome whose windows are decorated with artistic stained glass and mosaics in various shades. Kovačević Winery is, above all, a beautiful family story that continues from generation to generation and is passed from generation to generation. The family atmosphere that is felt in every corner of the winery and restaurant further contributes to making each guest feel at home and enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere, tasting the best wines and enjoying traditional specialties. The menu of the restaurant is also very impressive and varied so that each guest will find something just for themselves. Kovačević Winery has a long and developed tradition that lasts for more than a century. When it comes to wine production, the Kovačević winery combines traditional, well-proven techniques and somewhat more modern ones. Some of the more famous products from their offer are Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Rosetta and Bermet. In addition, the ambience of the restaurant and winery is unrealistically beautifully decorated and is located near the famous monastery of Veliko Hopovo, so you can easily visit both locations one after the other.

           Kiš Winery, located in the beautiful Sremski Karlovci, is another in a series of prominent wineries in this fruitful region. This winery has the largest number of awards and its wines have become famous throughout Serbia and the region. The Kiš winery owns an impressive 14 hectares of vines that have been nurtured and preserved for decades with great care and dedication.


          We hope that with this text we have managed to bring you, at least to some extent, closer to the special and authentic spirit of Vojvodina, as well as all the beauties and sights of this lowland area. If you really decide to visit Novi Sad and its diverse surroundings, we hope that you will visit these places and enjoy their charms first hand. Even today, Novi Sad remains one of the most important cities in Serbia and especially in its northern part. With its rich culture, various sights and beautiful localities, it will make your vacation perfect.



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